Videos That Help Your eCommerce Business Grow

Maksim Komonov

Just like any other method of promotion, video marketing requires a primary analysis: what kind of videos can captivate an audience and show the advantages of your store and the products that you offer. Let’s figure it out with help of Apple products videos.

What videos to shoot for an online store?

There are types of videos that suit any industry. eCommerce, like any other industry, has its own preferences regarding promotional videos.


The presentation is one of those types that work for any business that is creating something. Being a primary source of information about the product as an original producer, you need to provide your audience with original and truthful information about it. People will search for it on the Internet if they don’t find it on your website. Are you ready to rely on someone unknown? Because if you don’t do it, someone else will.
In you Presentation, whether it is about the brand or the product, stick to customers problems and show how you or your product helps to solve them. Add statistics or influencers feedback to enforce your statements.

iPhone XS Presentation



Reviews are 100% must have for eCommerce. The essence of the video review is to show what the product is. Customers want to know how it looks and feels even for someone else – for a human. Any product can be reviewed – physical or not.
Apparel, jewelry, footwear, gadgets, cars, software, books, cosmetics are among the most reviewed products on the Internet. Watching how real people use your products and sharing their impression and experience your customers fall under the strong influence and are more likely to purchase.

iPhone XS Review



This type is more about brand building. You can’t interview just anyone who has no connection with your audience, who does not share their interests. Interview demands a research. Do you have social media influencers or celebrities (even local) among your customers? Ask them to share their opinion about your brand or products.
Don’t be shy and reserved! Reach out to other online store owners from different markets to interview them about your and their business. Not only it will show your courage, but you will also show you are ready to obtain new experience, grow and share your success with the audience.
Another idea is to interview your suppliers if you don’t sell your own products. They will admire the opportunity to tell the world about their offers and they will do it with passion. Your store will be in the front raw to sell them.
Want to add your brand some credibility? Give it a human face – your face. Interview yourself. Tell the audience your story, create a strong emotional connection.

iMac Pro Interview


Educational videos

This includes guides, master classes, tutorials and so on. Pieces with useful information are the basis of content marketing. If you have something to say, you can do it on video. This is especially suitable when you need clarity.
If you sell spices, provide your customers with exotic recipes. For apparel store, it will be a smart idea to teach customers how to maintain clothes or organize the space in the wardrobe, or even how to create simple bijouterie and accessories.

Apple Watch Series 4 How-to video



Lifehacks are a type of educational videos but with less serious attitude. These videos show small tips that make life easier with the help of usual things used in an unusual way. A building supply store can show a lifehack how to hammer nails easier or faster. And in between, it can offer a builders tool belt, which makes it even more convenient to work.
Don’t get too carried away with creativity. Keep in mind that creating a lifehack about how to do without sunglasses, if you sell them, is not a good idea. Unless in a way «it is possible to do without them, but why?» just to make laugh.

Apple Siri and Liam video


Top rating

Again, this one is absolutely eCommerce type. Top 10 smartphones your online store offers, bags, drills, fiction books, malware software, etc.
Place something expensive to the top, so that the last positions also had chances.
Do you have difficulties to rank your products? Creating a “5 best lipsticks for summer nights” is also an option. It narrows the choice but relieves of the need to compare the product characteristics. This kind of videos also helps to cover the specific and narrow long tail keywords. Don’t forget that you can also rank the news about the store to summarize the year results for example.

Apple’s big news video


Entertaining (funny) videos

Turn to entertaining content if you are a well-known brand with a significant audience. For example, you can record a clip with a Christmas greeting for your customers. Play around with different situation that your customers are familiar with. Those situations may be connected with your products, your website or even with your competitors if the videos are friendly.
In the entertaining videos do not make direct calls to buy your products. If you can’t help doing it, do it in the context. This type of video is an open road for experiments. If it turns out funny, good feedback is guaranteed.

iPhone XS Funny video


Get creative with the videos but keep the quality

There are no strict rules of creating the videos for business. This means that you can use any kind of videos if you are responsible enough to approach their production. Also, you can combine types: everything is limited only by your imagination and budget.
However, we can guarantee one thing – if the quality of the video and its content is low, the audience will quickly lose interest in them. Low-quality content can even drive the audience away. Concentrate on quality, not quantity.


To make the placement of the videos in your online store simple and convenient, we created YouTube Addon.

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