What is PWA? Introduction and advantages for online store owners

Maksim Komonov
What is PWA

Progressive Web Apps is the technology that’s been in the top of discussion for the last few years. eCommerce businesses are looking for the best solution to get into the consumers’ mobile phone. We decided to systematize the available information and find out what PWA is and what its prospects are.

What is PWA?

PWA (Progressive Web App) is a web technology that transforms a website into an application. Directly from the browser, you can put it on the main screen of the phone, and get access to the hardware of the gadget. It keeps working with an unstable connection or even offline. PWA-applications are installed on the user’s smartphone, bypassing the official app stores and despite the warnings of the danger of installing applications from unknown sources.

But it works and brings results.

The term PWA was invented by designer Frances Berriman and Google Chrome engineer Alex Russell back in 2015. The technology attracted attention because it promised an easy implementation and almost instant contact with the user.

PWA as a hybrid of the site and the application was made possible thanks to the growing capabilities of cache, and browsers.

What Google developers tell about PWA technology

Reliable – downloads instantly, even if there is no Internet connection.

Fast – instant contact with the user thanks to smooth animation and convenient scrolling.

Engaging – working as a regular web application with a convenient and attractive interface.

These characteristics allow Progressive Web Apps to win the love of online stores and get space on the screen of the customer’s smartphone.

Advantages of PWA for site owners and online stores

What are the real advantages behind the indicated characteristics.

  • Developers claim that Progressive Web Apps are much easier to build than regular applications. Yes, like any other web products, they need to be updated and maintained, but you will no longer have to deal with the limitations of application markets.
  • Progressive Web Apps are indexed and improve SEO performance: Google’s website will rank much higher if PWA technology is connected. Google will appreciate the presence of a security protocol – all progressive web applications run on HTTPS.
  • Thanks to the cross-platform technology, you can develop one application that will work on any devices of any operating systems – a browser is enough.
  • Applications developed with PWA standard work with a weak or no signal at all – this means you will not lose potential conversions: the user can put goods into the cart by viewing the site without connecting to the Internet, and place an order at the moment they return to the Web.

PWA’s future outlook

PWA is a long run. Not in the context of gaining profits from it, but in the context of growing it, adding new features, unlocking new capabilities and rooting in customer’s device. You start more like a bookmark with extended rights and evolve to the selling machine.

All the benefits of the Progressive Web Apps technology give reason to consider this development of the technology of the future. It is actively promoted by Google, and this will definitely play a role in the distribution of PWA web applications.

Like any Internet technology that can increase awareness and conversions, PWA improves your store. It enables basic standards for stores that need traffic in 2019 – secure data encryption protocol and mobile shopping interface. PWA not only saves money and expands the audience, but also helps to earn money, increasing website performance and improving customer behavioral factors.

We provide PWA development services

Provide your customers with exceptional mobile shopping experience regardless of their device.

Our PWA solutions allows:

  • Offline shopping
  • Fast load speed
  • Integration with customers’ smartphone
  • Reduce spending on app development

Want to know more about how PWA can impact your sales? Get in touch with our expert.


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