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A reference point for online purchase of quality cartridges and toners​

Cartucce started their online business in 2000. They were among the first who decided to invest in the web to sell consumables for printers. In 2020, the company founders decided to transition to CS-Cart’s platform. They chose us as their technical partner by recommendation of the CS-Cart official developer. Since then, we’ve been elaborating new features, study technical issues for Cartucce to help the project evolve and expand on the Italian web market.

Business Area

Consumables for printers



Integrate the Amazon pay button

Audit the website performance to increase the loading speed

Implementing the project

Amazon Pay button integration

Amazon Pay button is a widget that e-tailers can embed to their sites to offer their customers to pay using their Amazon credentials, email and password. We integrated the widget to expand the payment methods on the website and improve the customer experience. The button displays at the moment when the user selects a payment method. After clicking the Amazon Pay button, the customer sees a popup to enter the login and delivery data. He or she enters data in the Amazon Pay form, and the customer profile is autocomplete with the values specified. Once the “Place order” button is clicked, the customer is redirected to the Amazon Pay service side to complete the payment. After completing the payment on the Amazon Pay service side the customer is redirected to the standard CS-Cart Checkout page.

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Performance audit

The company managers reverted to us to help them understand the reasons for slow loading speed. We measured the speed of the site using Google PageSpeed and default CS-Cart debugger to suggest our recommendations on improving the loading time. After close analysis, it was found that there were lots of render-blocking JS and CSS codes in above-the-fold content. We advised eliminating it for better speed results. Then, we noticed that The “Rebuild cache automatically” setting was enabled. Our recommendation is to disable it in the Design → Themes menu as the setting is used for development purposes only and is not aimed to be enabled on live sites.  There were duplicate queries in the database. It is not a problem until the site has a few database tables. But with the increase in tables, the load on the site will rise accordingly. So, it seems rational to get rid of duplicate queries to avoid troubles in future.


The website is still developing and is getting more features. But even now, the store is very customer-friendly and feature-rich.