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Mobile Bitz is a UK-based company providing mobile repairment service to customers through a network of 70+ branches and franchises. Their online shop offers a pain-free seamless journey for a user to get a service or order phone accessories with just a few clicks. Once you found yourself on the website, you follow a short path from seeking for a service you need to its ordering. All of that came true thanks to the wise logic behind operations within the website. The online shop gathered technicians under a common platform. Repairers get a handy dashboard to tackle their business issues and consumers enjoy a unique experience being able to book the repair, find the closest shop in a click on the map or putting a postal code and even call a technician to their homes right from the website.





Implement an easy find-and- buy functionality for users
Develop a partners’ dashboard
Provide hosting and upgrade

Implementing the Project

Improving User Flow

A nice feature proposed by the website Product Manager was a ‘Book a Repair’ button. The idea behind this element was to provide a visitor with a simple tool to guide through the purchase funnel. We developed, designed and integrated Book a Repair placed on the homepage next to the Company logo and the further back- and front-end functionality triggered by that key. The button initiates the following steps:

1. Select Repair: you select the repair type for a chosen device and its make.

2. Select Service: you specify what the service exactly is, data restoring, phone configuration or something else.

2.1. Visit Us in Store: a personal visit to the store. After enabling this widget you proceed to Store locator. A user can see the stores on the map and all the details after hovering on a selected branch. We embedded a functionality allowing the user to find a branch by entering a postcode.
2.2. Post Your Device with the Self-Post and Collection options to send the device for repair via post or get it collected by courier.
2.2. Post Your Device with the Self-Post and Collection options to send the device for repair via post or get it collected by courier.

3. Confirm appointment.

We elaborated all the internal filling and logic including the icons’ design and coded every step from scratch.

Separate Dashboards for Partners and Branches

Although the website is implemented on a single-seller CS-Cart version, the requested functionality included specific dashboards for partners of the Mobile Bitz brand and their stores (aka branches) to tackle payment issues, track performance (sales reports with statistics) and orders. The client may decide to pay directly to the owner or to pay to a local branch. If the owner gets the payment he owes that amount to the branch. If the branch takes the money, he shares the commission with the owner. We designed and implemented the dashboards for partners and branches to manage these payment issues.

In addition, we expanded the dashboards with performance tracking like sales reports, order tracking to see jobs to be done and the ability to mention a landing page for repairers. Branch landing pages work better for search engine ranking and attract more traffic to the website. This is good for SEO. As for usability and brand awareness, a separate branch portfolio with photos and extra information makes it easier for a customer to remember the store and find its brick-and-mortar location.

Upgrading CS-Cart

We upgraded the store and safely transferred all the customized (including both the Simtech Development and the third party ones) add-ons. We kept all the functionality of the previous version and adopted all modifications for the refreshed version. After upgrading the test store we actualized that version with the new information (orders and customers) appeared during the upgrading process and transferred all changes to the actual store.

Cloud Hosting

We provided the client with our AWS cloud hosting service to ensure the website even faster and safer operation monitored by our DevOps engineers day and night.


Gorgeous website running fast and easy; customers happy with awesome user-friendly and intuitive interface; a featured dashboard for partners with invoicing functionality, sales’ and tasks’ tracking features.