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4 Reasons Why CS-Cart is a Safe Platform for eCommerce Business

Maksim Komonov

CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor software are very popular among eCommerce professionals. CS-Cart of different editions is being used for 35,000+ businesses and Multi-Vendor for 1,600 online marketplaces around the globe. While brands vary in size and industry, their demands regarding security are equally top-level.

Does the platform stand the pressure of the security demands of today and tomorrow? We’re here to tell you why CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor are secure equally for both – local private stores or for transnational multi-storefront enterprise brands.

4 Reasons Why CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor Are Secure

1. Reliable Hosting Companies Help

The most reputable CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor hosting companies in the market play a role in keeping the businesses safe.

Web hosts are responsible for securing the servers storing your website’s data and files. They prevent cyberattacks, including the powerful DDoS attacks that threaten to take down thousands of websites at a time and provide site owners with additional security measures, sometimes free of charge.

Simtech Development gives you more than website hosting. We offer a cloud solution for eCommerce business. Not only we fight the existing threats, but we also analyze and prevent future threats. Your server is under 24/7 monitoring that acts proactively and can recognize upcoming failure in advance and alert the Information Security expert to respond. Plus, we always have a plan “B”, as we make backups every day. Even in case of a natural disaster, we make sure your CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor based business is safe and operational.

2. The Core

There’s a reason why since 2009, CS-Cart has received almost 100 major updates or brand new versions.

The team behind CS-Cart cares about the security of the platform and its users. They continue to release new features and develop new ways to protect the platform form advanced cybercrime. CS-Cart has united a strong, dedicated community of developers who contribute to the security and integrity of the platform core.

We at Simtech Development keep searching for possible breaches every day to illuminate potential threats before they get exploited or even recognized by the intruders.

3. Themes and Add-ons

There are thousands of themes and add-ons for CS-Cart in the market to choose from. Unfortunately, anyone, with or without intention, can make a mistake in the code. In fact, one of the biggest reasons CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor based websites become compromised is because of poorly coded themes and add-ons.

CS-Cart team is concerned about the problem of vulnerable extensions and provides all partners with strict requirements on the best practices of coding the products for the platform. The crew will never recommend the themes or add-ons with a bad reputation.

As for us, we test every line of the code in multiple ways to provide themes and add-ons, that CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor users can rely on.

4. Proactive Users

The last reason CS-Cart is so secure is that website owners take it upon themselves to secure it by doing the following:

  • installing only recommended updates, themes, and add-ons;
  • using themes and add-ons from reputable developers that maintain the software;
  • managing user roles on the backend of the site;
  • using a high-quality security service;
  • deleting unused themes, plugins, and files;
  • choosing strong passwords, enabling two-factor authentication

And there you have it! 4 reasons why CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor software is secure, despite what people or reports have to say.

Want an extra way to make sure your online store is even more secure? Check out our free Website Checker to identify any security issues.


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