Achieving Business Goals With Cloud Hosting

Maksim Komonov

Whether you are just starting your business and building an online store or you are looking to increase business and scale the number of site visitors and customers, the questions and doubts about hosting keep coming in the first place. There are many hosting providers, plans, and options for your website or application, including a shared server, a virtual private server (VPS), a dedicated server and, of course, a cloud solution.

Instead of comparing the options mentioned above in the matter of cost, CPUs, storage, we would suggest you should put your business goals first and choose the hosting that assures the completion of those goals by solving material problems.

Critical problems of the eCommerce businesses


Unfortunately, sometimes it happens. Server outage is quite a common thing on the Internet. But the longer your store is online, the more profit it generates.


You have only 500 ms to show your storefront. Failing means losing potential customers. And the longer it loads, the more and faster you lose money. This is geometrical progress.


The server is not a storage for everything. It’s not designed to be. Its performance critically depends on what it contains, runs and computes. It needs careful optimization to become a powerful business tool that is pushing it forward instead of pulling back.


Do you know what’s happening with your server and hosted business at the moment? Unlikely. This would require unacceptably much time to monitor the architecture. This, in turn, would cause insufficiency of time to dedicate to the business development. The balance between regressive control and forward-thinking planning is a hard thing to reach.


The larger you grow, the more attacker your business attracts. Big money brings big problems. And the danger may hide not only outside your business perimeter but inside as well. Hackers are a natural threat because their intentions are obvious. But your personnel, your developers, those who have access to the core of your business, they can strike even harder because you never expect it from them.

How we respond to the problems and turn them into prospects

1 – Uptime and Scalability

Fighting for the maximum availability to assure uninterrupted money flow for our clients, we’ve based our hosting solutions on cloud computing technologies. This not only assures the most extended uptime but also enables us to scale the necessary resources for the hosted businesses up and down at any time. Sales and promotion traffic spikes are no longer a threat, but the prospect.

2 – Content delivery

Being near your clients is vital to provide the best load speed. That’s why we provide 11 data centers around the Globe. Besides, speed is not always a server issue. The JS, CSS, images, software configurations, extensions may cause the limp. Or you need to update.

3 – Business goals first

We don’t use a universal server configuration preset that works for everyone. Each time we have a new client, we analyze the software, integrations, the goals, and the business overall. We dive deep into the client’s problems and business strategy to configure the entire architecture to deliver the best result – business goal achievement. Whether it’s security issues, speed optimization, cost-effectiveness, resource utilization, or any other.

4 – Proactive monitoring

We are tracking the performance of our servers 24/7, build graphs, and analyzing them to reveal trends. Our monitoring algorithm allows us to see growing trends live, foresee the prospects, and react quickly. If we see the doubtless upcoming threat to the server stability, we’ll take immediate action to prevent or sustain it.

5 – Control in the background

We continuously monitor the servers for vulnerabilities. Even when we sleep, the automotive monitoring system is watching the servers and, in case of any suspicious activity, triggers and wakes us up to look through it. We also update server software, utilities, and eCommerce platform itself as soon as the update has been released and checked for compatibility with other software. We have applied a self-designed algorithm to update instances automatically.

Plus, we have designed a framework that enables you to create and control the access information for all your collaborators. You won’t need to wait for the hosting provider to get things done. These accounts can be provided, for example, for developers, for your technical specialist or business partner, and we can contact them directly via MyCloud and solve any issue.


If you’re surfing the Internet looking for a good deal with a hosting provider, fear to save much money. This inevitably returns with larger spendings in the nearest future. Be reasonable, measure value. If hosting allows you to keep on moving with your business or even helps you expand it, then you should positively consider this offer, even if it’s not the most affordable.


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