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AWS Cloud Hosting For CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor [Configuration, Plans, Infrastructure]

Maksim Komonov

Fully-managed and highly flexible hosting designed to meet the needs of heavily loaded eCommerce websites that require dedicated care.

Configuration And General Information

We made a fast and stable configuration of the server for Multi-Vendor/CS-Cart on our hosting. If you want to add a new project or install another platform to the hosting, for example, Magento/WordPress or something else, this is also possible, just contact us.

We configure each project individually collecting the following for each project:

  • CentOs 7 operating system with tuning and high-level security;
  • Fast NGINX web server + PHP-FPM/Apache;
  • PHP7+ with tuning;
  • MariaDB database with tuning;
  • Redis, APCU, etc.
  • Optional: Route53, Amazon SES, Amazon RDS, CDN in CloudFront, etc.

Also, we provide:

We employ projects using automation which allows us to increase security, stability and perform automatic updates. Also, we want to point out that we don’t have a hosting provider. We are a full-stack team, which provides a business solution for your websites taking care of a server and other technical stuff related to server administration and DevOps techniques.

High-Speed Performance

Our unique performance tweaks guarantee nothing but the best!

  • SSD-Based Hosting. SSDs are 3 times faster, facilitating breathtaking performance and reduced page load times for your dynamic websites.
  • Dedicated Environment. All servers launched on “Simtech Development AWS Hosting” have dedicated resources. Contrary to the limitations of shared hosting, our dedicated environment allows you to maximize server and app performance.
  • Redis Support. Enabling Redis improves the performance of databases. Combined with Apache, Nginx, and Varnish get you unbeatable performance.
  • PHP 7 Ready Servers. All our servers are PHP 7.x ready. PHP 7 is known to be significantly faster than its predecessor.
  • Pre-configured PHP-FPM. PHP-FPM dramatically speeds up your website and improves the loading times of your PHP environment with much faster processes.
  • HTTP/2 Supported Servers. “Simtech Development AWS Hosting” servers are HTTP/2 enabled which significantly increases the speed of communication between the web servers and clients.

Enterprise-Level Security

Proactive “Simtech Development AWS Hosting” security practices keep all your servers safe and secure. Also, we have an in-house information security specialist who monitors and helps to keep safe all customers’ projects and websites.

  • Free and Strong SSL. Our built-in Let’s Encrypt SSL improves website security with a trusted certificate that fulfills all your HTTPS requirements for free.
  • Dedicated Firewalls. All “Simtech Development AWS Hosting” hosted servers are protected by OS-level firewalls that filter out malicious traffic and keep out the intruders.
  • Regular Security Patching. We perform regular OS patches and firmware upgrades on your server. This ensures a secure managed cloud server and avoids vulnerabilities.

24/7 Monitoring and Support

Simtech Development AWS Hosting offers around the clock server monitoring so you can have the peace of mind.

  • 24/7 Real-time Monitoring. Your server is being monitored in real-time 24/7/365 and you get to see over 10 different notifications from the comfort of the MyCloud.
  • Auto-Healing Managed Cloud Servers. You don’t have to worry about your website crashing. Most of the issues within the server are resolved with auto-healing restarts.

You don’t have to wait in queues anymore to resolve your issues.

  • Strong Knowledge Base. A comprehensive information hub for our customers. If you need any help related to the platform, this should be your go-to resource.
  • Managed Migrations. You never have to worry about migrating your application to “Simtech Development AWS Hosting”. Tell us about your application, and we’ll move it in one piece.
  • Troubleshooting. Our Certified Engineers are expert bug hunters. If you face a server related issue, simply contact our team and let them do the trick.
  • Automated Backups. We make daily backups. You can even take a backup on demand.

AWS Hosting Plans Explanation

We want to point out that we aren’t merely hosting provider. We are a full-stack team, which provide business solution for your websites, which takes care of a server and other technical stuff related to server administration and DevOps techniques.

All our plans include 24/7 server monitoring with SLA; daily backups, bots, and DDOS protection; secure SSH access; free SSL certificates, and more. Also, we provide free migration and installation of any PHP application.

We provide plans for any size website from small local websites for flowers to global companies’ websites with heavy workloads. We will try to pick up an optimal plan without the overhead for you.

Yes, you can tell us that we provide more expensive hosting, but I can parry this by our superiority with:

  • Included 24/7 monitoring with SLA and auto-healing options;
  • Certified AWS specialists, who know about the high-load and how to make websites faster;
  • DevOps specialist, who can help you automate your routine actions;
  • Information security specialist, who monitor all projects and make them safe, protecting your projects from hackers attacks;
  • Fast and professional support within working hours;

All of that and more included in any of our plans 🙂 It will help you save money for the business and steer them on a track like marketing.

Basic, Premium, Ultimate or any Enterprise or any custom plan

Any of these plans optimized for any size company with features, which the website needs to make your project grows. There is no restriction on the number of applications you can launch on a single server, or users to access your website. All the limitations are only at your head and inside of the technologies you use. If you use low-quality code from developers, who don’t test their solutions, they will limit your project, but we can help you to find these bottlenecks and fix them with our high-quality developers.

Tell us about your project or provide access to your current server and we will tell you how we can help you. We can make your current website faster, or if you don’t have we a website do the fresh installation which will work faster than you can think 😉

We’ll move your website to our servers from any web host for free (without business interruption), so you don’t have to worry about migration complexities & technicalities.


If you store the “Development” and “Live” websites on one server, you should understand that they both are using common resources such as CPU/RAM/Disk/etc. And if any error/issue occurs on the “Development” project, it can affect “production” aka live website. And it may even result in losing customers and revenue. Also, the development environment may be an excellent target for hacker attacks if you don’t follow the basic rules of information security (read more).

We suggest using the development servers for making your current or upcoming projects secure.


We support companies at an early-birded stage who want to grow and be a great startup. Who wants to check their plans and ideas. We know that these companies want to test the theory and if they failed, start again and again. We like this and totally support you!

This is the reason why we want to help you with it and provide you a high-quality solution, where you don’t need to think about any technical stuff. Only business plan and MVP! Make your dreams come true 😉

This plan contains a “Basic” plan that included all the features for three months (this time is enough to test the theory or strategy) only for 100 USD. Free installation of Multi-Vendor or CS-Cart with a trial (only for a month because of CS-Cart restriction), where you are able to check full functionality and accept the decision about CMS. If anything goes wrong or you want to test anything else we can install for you Magento, PrestaShop or any other PHP application, you want.

Infrastructure Information

Server types

All servers launched on our hosting platform have dedicated resources. Contrary to the limitations of shared hosting, our dedicated environment allows you to maximize server and application performance.

Private VPS

This is a private VPS (Virtual Private Server). Totally your server with optimized and tweaked server software for maximum performance.

Scalable solution

Our scalable solution is a fully managed solution for high traffic websites. Experience reliability and scalability with our load-balanced environments. Each application is hosted on multiple nodes and new nodes spin up automatically in case of traffic spikes, making sure your website stays up and running.

Whether you are a high growth brand, a large eCommerce store or a media website, we understand the critical importance of 24/7 availability of your website. Our scalable solution comprises a cluster of nodes powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) ensuring the health and availability of all the components. When a cluster node goes down, another is spawned automatically to avoid application downtime.

Technical information

T3 instances offer a balance of computation, memory, and network resources for a broad spectrum of general-purpose workloads including business-critical, low-latency interactive applications, databases and development environments.

The T3 instances feature the Intel Xeon Platinum 8000 series (Skylake-SP) processor with a sustained all core Turbo CPU clock speed of up to 3.1 GHz. Additionally, there is support for the new Intel Advanced Vector Extensions 512 (AVX-512) instruction set, offering up to 2x the FLOPS per core compared to the previous generation T2 instances.

AWS Cloud Hosting For CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor [Configuration, Plans, Infrastructure]

We provide T3 instances to all new customers and offer free upgrades to current customers with T2 instance types to T3. T3 available only in the US East (N. Virginia), US West (N. California), Europe (Ireland), Europe (London), Asia Pacific (Singapore), and Asia Pacific (Sydney) regions. For other regions, we provide T2 instances.

You can get any custom configuration.

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