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Customer vs Affiliate Pro

Simtech Development Team

The beauty of the Affiliate and Referral add-on is in its flexibility and simplicity. When your customer registers, they are suggested to become either a customer or an affiliate.
Both of them can get a reward for promoting your store—but what exactly is the difference?
Let’s break this down!


Both customers and affiliates can get a reward for:

  • Sales
  • New customers
  • New affiliates
  • New vendors (if you are a marketplace owner)

Additionally, affiliates can get paid for:

  • Placing banners on their websites
  • Banner clicks
  • Commissions of their affiliates
  • Coupon promotion.

Your customers can go further and become a pro affiliate whenever they want. The only thing they need to do is to click the Become a pro affiliate button and get your approval.

Affiliate Pro Perks

Incentive balance

Professional affiliates may have an initial balance. For example, you offer a blogger USD 100 of incentive balance for placing your banner in their blog. If someone clicks that banner and purchases something in your store, the blogger additionally gets a 5% commission.

Multi-tier affiliation

Professional affiliates can get a commission from the purchases made from referral links of the affiliates they engaged.
For instance, your affiliate John invites his friends Jacob, Matthew and Sarah to become your affiliates. When a customer purchases products in your store from the referral links of Jacob, Matthew or Sarah, John also gets a commission. When Jacob, Matthew and Sarah involve new affiliates, John gets his commission again from the purchases made from the referral links of the affiliates invited by them. Thus, we have a pyramid where John is on the top, Jacob, Matthew and Sarah are on the second level, their affiliates are on the third level and so on. The higher an affiliate is, the bigger their profit is.

Category and product promotion

You can choose which products and categories your affiliates are allowed to promote. For example, a famous beauty blogger promotes your cosmetics and a popular stylist promotes your accessoires.


You can engage your affiliate in the promotion with coupons. For example, you create a BlackFriday coupon with a discount. Next, you create a commission from sales for the affiliates who share this coupon with your potential customers. The coupon appears in the My account area of your affiliate where it looks like 3-BlackFriday. The number 3 here is the ID of your affiliate. When a customer purchases something in your store and applies the 3-Black_Friday coupon, your affiliate gets the commission.

Widget mode

Your affiliates can place a widget with your store on their website. The only thing you have to do is to select the “Show to affiliates” setting in the Widget mode layout. It will appear in the My account area and they will be able to embed it on their website.
To sum it up, here is a comparison chart:

Affiliate Pro Customer
Payout sales commission yes (cash) yes (points)
New customer commission yes yes
New affiliate commission yes yes
New vendor commission yes yes
Show banner commission yes no
Click commission yes no
Coupon commission yes no
Category promotion yes no
Product promotion yes no
Multi-tier affiliation yes no
Incentive balance yes no
Widget mode yes no


Study more about Affiliate and Referral add-on on web site.

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