How Design Effects Sales of Online Store

The influence of design on sales and conversion is a very important topic. Design plays a significant role in customer decision making. This article will help you understand how color and design may change your business.

How to use color-marketing to increase online store sale

How Design Effects Sales of Online Store


Contrast colors are often used to draw visitors’ attention to specific components, like CTA button shape. If some element of the page is different from the rest, then the chances that the customer will pay attention to it will increase.

Visual weight

We are talking about graphic design elements: color, size, and location of which largely determine the behavior of the visitor on the page. An excellent example that demonstrates the importance of these elements is infographics: when people read an infographic, they study all its components – images, diagrams, text blocks. If you learn how to correctly determine the “weight” of each graphic element of the page, you can achieve the same effect.


Colors definitely influence the mood and actions of the user. Most people do not even realize that they react to the color and color contrast. Highlight important blocks of the store by giving them more visual value. So you can attract not only more attention, but also increase the conversion.

Customer journey

Customer journey can be influenced by the contrast, so planning a page layout strategically is vital. Color combinations and location of the elements prompt the customers where to go next. Be sure to plan the optimal customer journey throughout the store from landing to purchase, and only then try to build it using design. Uncertainty and inconsistency will not benefit conversion.

Emotional connection

Colors affect customers’ choices and behavior. Of course, the reaction to the colors is not entirely predictable, but in general, there some common associations: warm (red, yellow) colors cause pleasant feelings, and at the same time may trigger danger. Cold (blue, green, purple), in turn, symbolize calm and sadness. If you use this knowledge in marketing, you can predict the reactions of your online customers.
For example, a bright orange CTA button on a product page with cool colors on the background will attract much more attention than blue. Using the right color combinations, you can “play” with the mood of your visitors and tell them how to behave on the site.

Emotions vs logic

Most people do not realize this, but as a rule, the decision to purchase is made by them in 90 seconds. This is the time you need to tell the customers about your offer: get their attention and convince to take a necessary action. Properly selected colors and page design will greatly help you with this. Fortunately, most people react to colors and their combination the same. That’s why blue is commonly used in social networks design – it’s the color of friendliness and trust.
Design is just a way of visual communication. If you have something valuable to the user – demonstrate it! If your visual communication is boring and poor, customers will not understand you and will not respond properly to a call to action, and therefore will not understand the value of your product and will not make a purchase.

How to create emotions and increase sales using design

How Design Effects Sales of Online Store

Write attractive and emotional texts

Communication with customers starts with the text. It is important not only to highlight the actual advantages of the product but also point out the emotional benefits that the user will receive from the purchase. Such content is ideal to influence the audience that values the appearance higher than comfort and value.

Set the tone color

Despite the pattern customer behavior, the color can cause specific emotions depending on personal preferences, cultural differences, upbringing and etc. However, the color scheme supports the tone and overall style of the selling page.

Create the mood with movement and sound

Today, when video watching is becoming more popular and at the same time easier to use online, it is completely unforgivable not to use it. But there is always the risk to fail as creating a video that causes an emotional connection is a difficult process. Colors, symbolism, camera usage, music selection are very subtle elements that need to be put together to convey a simple but unforgettable message.

Control the eye journey of your customers

By understanding how people view websites, you can, with the help of design, influence the process and provoke emotions that will stimulate visitors to move further to the target page or to concentrate on a certain element. The design often uses the principles of Gestalt psychology, to stimulate the buyer’s brain to associate images with emotions, create the right mood and to push customers to make a purchase.

Emotional influence works effectively for B2B

Why? B2B customers rely more on their emotions because
– Bad purchase can jeopardize the workflow
– A successful purchase can lead to bonuses or promotion
– Or increase business productivity in general

Buying bad software can have very unfortunate consequences in, say, lost profit. The Corporate Executive Board research also showed that B2B brands that communicate with the target audience on an emotional level are twice as effective as brands that have a dry, official communication.


In short: emotions are very important in sales. Design helps online stores to use this lever in full.
Buyers do not respond only to the product itself anymore. They consider the aggregate of factors: services, guarantees, packaging, advertising, language, images and other things that accompany the product.
One of the most significant influencing factors of building an opinion about a product is the place where this product is placed and acquired. The atmosphere of the place can influence the decision to buy even more than the characteristics of the product itself because the buyer can at any time find an alternative in a couple of clicks on Google.
In the store, it is necessary to create a comfortable and shopping-friendly atmosphere that can establish emotional contact through texts, images, videos, and graphic elements. And do it fast.
Want to feel the influence of the selling design on your store and increase revenue? We will redesign your store quickly and efficiently, taking into account your preferences, the characteristics of your audience, the best international practices, and our own experience.

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