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How to get your online store ready for Black Friday 2018

Black Friday 2018 is just around the corner. We bet you have a long checklist of to-do things to get ready. We won’t steal your time with a long read. Following are some ideas you may miss these busy days.
Don’t want to take part in Black Friday madness? But your competitors do. These are the benefits you will miss:

  1. New clients that don’t buy on a regular day. They can become your repeated customers.
  2. Returning old customers that didn’t show for a while. Remind them about yourself with a good deal waiting for them.
  3. Increase overall revenue. Despite lower margins, the total revenue can exceed the monthly average level just within one day due to crazy buyers’ activity on these days.
  4. You’re a B2B business? Don’t get wrong that Black Friday is not for you. If you’re offering services you can take a chance to extend your audience or build long-term relations by offering discounts for purchasing annual plans.

Check up with the following list to make sure you’re not missing some important basic points getting ready for Black Friday:

  • Getting ready for Black Friday use all available channels. Make a strong buzz about your participation and the offerings. Use ads, banners, emails, articles, social media, forums, coupon sites – everything that comes on your mind. No long reads – announce that you’re in. Cooperate with influencers to attract even more visitors.


  • Announce your key and most tempting offers in advance to warm up the audience and make them save money in favor of your deal. Keep contact with the audience until the spree starts. Send an email a week, three days, one day prior to and on Black Friday. Start the countdown one hour before starting the sale.


  • Get your store ready for the crowd. Make sure all functionality and features work properly and your server will be able to cope with the traffic spike. Scale up your hosting plan for these days.


  • The features for a quick purchase have to work well. One-click purchase, Order again, Bought together, and other cross-sale features.


  • Define the products that will take part in the sale. If you have extraordinary large discounts for certain products or categories, make it visible right on the homepage. Put the largest discounts on the top.


  • If you have a limited range of products that will have Balck Friday special price, group them on a dedicated page and add it to the main navigation. It will be so convenient for your customers. They won’t lose time spinning around the store.


  • Don’t stay away from the event if you have unordinary product for it. Black Friday is the day when you can buy or sell anything that costs money – shoes, software, gardening service, tickets to the north pole, etc.


  • Don’t stop the party if everyone is having fun! If the customers don’t want to stop buying, don’t interrupt them. Extend the availability of the special offers for one or two more days.


  • Make good use of the increased attention to the emails – announce some important news or other upcoming sales.


  • Is your store mobile version ready to sell? Black Friday will tell you the truth. Mobile shopping will increase these days as you’ll catch some customers on the go and they won’t have time to get to the desktop to make a purchase.


  • Check the preferences of your Google Analytics and Enhanced eCommerce. When the storm dies you’ll have lots of data to sort out and analyze.

The devil’s in the details. Use this tip-list to make Black Friday campaign successful.

  • Use “Black Friday” in your headlines and on the imagery to get attention and lead the visitors.


  • Use bright colors and high contrast for the ads and banners.


  • Use one style for all visual elements related to Black Friday to create a relevant environment.


  • Show the actual price after the discount with an outlined old price, not discounts in percent.


  • Black Friday is a fun day. It’s time to demonstrate your sense of humor in every piece of content.


  • Use emergency and deficit triggers – display the stock and the time left until the end of the offer.


  • Be honest with your customers. You can probably cheat them during the Black Friday rush, but later they will get around and your lie will tunt into a hard time for your brand reputation.


  • Start returning abandoned carts the same day or the next day. Don’t postpone it.


  • Collect contact information to return customers after the event. Don’t forget about dynamic remarketing – create a campaign in advance.


  • Ask for the reviews or feedback during the Black Friday. Use it to publish on the website or in the Black Friday campaign next year.
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