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How to Secure Your CS-Cart store?

Gayane Tamrazyan

Security matters! You don’t want to lose money through the holes in your pocket for the only reason of forgetting about or ignoring your eCommerce platform safety. Protection of your Multi-Vendor or CS-Cart software is not so easy. There are multiple points an entrepreneur should bear in mind to be completely calm about his or her e-shop business data.

From the store site, that would be these touch points for self-checking:

From the server site, ask yourself the following:

Additional measures to double protect:

  • Enable two-factor authentification for accessing your store dashboard.
  • Enable Google Recaptcha to defend your property against malicious bots.
  • Use payment gateways with built-in security systems like Bambora, Payeezy or ANZ eGateway with high-security standards ensured by Visa and MasterCard secure code. Never store sensitive or payment data onsite. And, if having this on the web,  ensure it is encrypted and proper server safety measures are in place.


A well-customed website is half the battle. To accumulate and grow, you need to keep what you’ve already gained by any means.

Ignorantia non est argumentum.

So, if you are not of those development gurus, simply outsource this job to experts! Our hosting engineers know everything about proper server site configuration, and certified CS-Cart developers can examine your CS-Cart website for security issues.

Protect with Expert!

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