Top 5 Ultimate Services for Your CS-Cart Store That Make Profit

Gayane Tamrazyan

An online venture should be profitable, shouldn’t it? Otherwise, what is the reason to spend your time, efforts, and money? The faster you pass by the break-even point, the more successful your business is.

Although, it is no use to pump all your money in the store when you just begin, being a mature entrepreneur you know development needs investment.

We’ve accumulated some insights and now can definitely say what services a respectable marketplace/online store owner must have integrated with his or her CS-Cart based store to make a buck. The invested money is worth the candle. You wont’ get a quick return of investment but the gained effect will last for a long time.

#1 NetSuite, an ERP solution

This is an all-in-one business management pack, catering for finance, customer relationship management, and eCommerce. This tool facilitates the life of any manager, from CEO to  CIO.


The NetSuite company is known for the most deployed cloud ERP. Their software is feature-rich encompassing all-kind business processes, like managing inventory, revenue, finance, assets, orders, and billing.

Keeping financial records includes monitoring and tracking of all expenditures. By integrating this tool with your CS-Cart based store, you measure your financial close, revenues, and the whole financial performance at one place.

#2 SAP Business One, an ERP solution for vendors

The software is of great use for small and mid-size businesses to integrate and automate their finances, HR and current operations to add more efficiency and visibility on their actual business.


The ERP system has a bunch of components to manage different business processes separately not losing connection among them. The sales component, for example, features an accounting journal, with data reflected on both the sales and accounting modules.

Aside from financial management and sales and opportunity management, SAP Business One features the following functionalities: supply chain management, production planning, inventory management, project management, and business intelligence. A key benefit is that automation reduces emerging manual type errors and incompliance.

#3 Linnworks, multichannel order, and stock management software

It was designed to facilitate order fulfillment, shipping and inventory management for multiple marketplaces.


Your CS-Cart store will benefit from intuitive inventory management, you can easily create listings, print invoices, and generate shipping labels having everything synced automatically.

#4 Shopify, eCommerce platform and retail POS system

Being a popular eCommerce platform, Shopify has its parent software, Shopify POS built solely for retail businesses. Why not use your feed in Shopify to sync with CS-Cart and get a double win from two platforms’ client base?


The app will automatically import the products to Multi-Vendor and export the orders back for vendors. No hassle, only business value for your vendors!

And with the POS system integrated you will add even more advantages for your business: you’ve got all data gathered from cash register, computer or tablet to input products, and manage your store with full analytics about sales by customer, product, branch, or rep.

#5 Toast POS, a cloud-based restaurant software

Built specifically for restaurants, this app is designed for assisting guests, staff, and managers in the food and beverage sector.


By integrating this system,  you also integrate online ordering, labor and sales reporting, gift card and loyalty programs.

You now can connect your POS hardware for restaurants: terminals, card readers, receipt printers, or Toast Go (‘pay-at-the-table’ functionality).


While selecting a complex service to integrate with, development assistance is better to assign to those who perfectly know the ground base. The Simtech Development team knows every hidden rock in integrating the above systems. So, you can trust the expert quality of the best CS-Cart developers.


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