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Plugins for CS-Cart: QuickBooks, GenZ, and MailChimp On the Spot

Gayane Tamrazyan

This article continues a series devoted to CS-Cart extensions built by Simtech Development. You can find some know-how on the Support page or, if you’ve got a specific issue, subscribe for Support.

Our Marketplace is open 24/7 and offers solutions grouped by subject: website management, marketing, SEO, shipping and payment. Every plugin is accompanied by ‘How it works’ files and documents. 

Following this series of posts, you can get your concern resolved without spending your valuable time on studying docs or money for Support.

QuickBooks Online Integration

How QuickBooks works with vendors and the main admin?

QuickBooks Online is an Intuit accounting solution, whilst the QuickBooks Online Integration add-on is the plugin to connect some functionality of the original service with CS-Cart based online stores and marketplaces. Our add-on is fully compatible with QuickBooks Online, Canada.

The Simtech Development’s add-on implies that each vendor on Multi-Vendor should be connected to QuickBooks separately. You cannot configure one connection for the administrator to cover configuring all vendor’s connections.

Generation Z Theme

Why sometimes product images aren’t loaded on product and homepage? 

The Generation Z theme is the most up-to-date theme created by Simtech Development to help the CS-Cart merchants to engage their young audience (average age is between 7 and 22) with a colorful and powerful design.  

If images of your products don’t appear on the product page or the homepage, just clear the cache of the generated thumbnails as follows: 

Admin panel >> Menu :: Administration: Storage: Clear cache

Admin panel >> Menu :: Administration: Storage: Clear up generated thumbnails

Where can I find the theme layout templates? 

The Theme layout templates are available at:


MailChimp Advanced and MailChimp eCommerce

What’s the difference?

The MailChimp Advanced add-on allows synchronizing the subscribers’ lists from CS-Cart and MailChimp. With this add-on, you will be able to send emails of your customers to MailChimp, for example, emails of customers with abandoned carts. But the cart content will not be sent to MailChimp.

MailChimp eCommerce allows synchronizing the CS-Cart objects (for example, products, customers, or carts) with MailChimp via eCommerce API. MailChimp eCommerce also provides an ability to place a pop-up created in MailChimp on the site. So, you will be able to send letters to customers that subscribed via this pop-up. You will be able to make abandoned carts mailing and send customers the cart content in the letter as well.

Choose the ‘eCommerce’ add-on if you need to get carts, products, orders, and customers’ features connected to your store. If only a mailing list connection is required, you can select the ‘Advanced’ add-on. 


There are 100+ plugins on the Simtech Development marketplace. All of them were created for a specific purpose to empower your website performance. The Simtech Development Company provides both: the ready-made plugins and customization services. If you think the add-ons are lacking some functionality or require something which is out of our add-ons’ scope, send us a request and we’ll prompt you a solution!


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