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Plugins For CS-Cart: You Ask – We Answer, Part IV

Gayane Tamrazyan

This post is one more chapter of our fortnight report with the latest FAQs we get from our customers about CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor add-ons available on Simtech Development Marketplace. You can find some know-how on the Support page or, if a specific issue takes place, subscribe for Support.

Following this series, you can get your concern resolved without spending your valuable time or money.

XML & CSV Import

What is the difference between your add-on and the default one?

XML & CSV Import addon has an extended functionality than the standard CS-Cart add-on. You can import products in 3 different formats files (XML, CSV, and YML) rather than 2 (XML and CSV). Moreover, it has extended field mapping and improved cron system that allows importing big files bearing in mind that the import is made in parts. Therefore, it has many more great features than the standard CS-Cart add-on.

Google AMP for SEO

How to design AMP pages?

For AMP pages, we have implemented a separate theme, the colors of which will not be inherited from your theme. Layouts are also not configured. We plan including this feature in the future, but now there is no way to change the look of AMP pages.

Do the AMP pages influence on the website mobile version?

AMP pages are opened when you search your website or pages of your website in Google. It doesn’t change the website version for mobiles.

TaxCalcs by TaxJar

How to use the API key for Multi-Vendor?

In Multi-Vendor, the API key entered in the add-on settings is used only for vendors who have not specified their API keys. This key is used to calculate the taxes displayed at checkout. Data about purchases won’t be sent to this account.

To send information about purchases, you should select the status of orders where the information should be sent. This is configured independently for every vendor on the vendor profile page. In this case, you will need to enter the API key. Otherwise, you’ll get an error message.

Plugins For CS-Cart: You Ask - We Answer, Part IV


Can you tell me more about warnings while using the Structured Data Testing Tool?

We recommend using the aggregate rating field as the add-on outputs the relevant data if reviews are available for the product.

The review field should be filled in in the add-on settings. The add-on outputs the data if comments are available for the product.

Comments and reviews are set up by the default CS-Cart add-on named ‘Comments and Reviews’.

Additionally, it’s better to fill in the SKU and the brand fields. The add-on outputs the data if the relevant fields are populated with values.

Learn more about how to set it up from the user guide.

What to do if gtin/mpn/isbn is missing?

Google added a new global identifier field in the Structured Data Testing Tool test. You can read about it on and in Google documentation:

We expanded the add-on settings with the Global identifier name and Global identifier value settings. Now, you can create a new feature for some global identifier and specify it for your products. After creating a feature, you need to select this feature in the Global identifier value setting and specify the name of the chosen global identifier in the Global identifier name field.

Add-Ons Applying Cron

XML & CSV Import Pro
SEO Templates
Sales & Social Proof
QuickBooks Online Integration add-on for CS-Cart
MailChimp Advanced
SEO Auditor
MailChimp eCommerce
VK Market
Product Likes
Marketing Web Push Notifications
Birthday Present

How to verify that cron job is complete?

To make sure that the cron task is completed, you need to run it with a command line interface. You’ll see the output with the information about cron operation and logs.

Plugins For CS-Cart: You Ask - We Answer, Part IV

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