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PWAjet Released: Start Building Your PWA Store!

Gayane Tamrazyan

Great news! Today is the official release of our brand-new PWA&SPA application for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor! You many times heard about PWAjet. It has been in the production state for some time. Now, we are ready to introduce it to a wide audience. 

What is PWAjet?

It is a perfect blend of progressive web apps and single-page features. This is how our PWAjet is distinguished from other PWA solutions. At this, our PWAjet possesses the killer features of the best-in-class PWA examples. 

What will PWAjet give you as a progressive web app:

  • Quick Add-to-Homescreen notification for mobile users
  • Offline operation allowing surfing your online store and adding to cart
  • Fast operation 
  • App-like appearance with the desktop performance

With SPA technology incorporated into PWAjet, your PWA store:

  • Loads fast
  • Is rendered without distortion independently of the mobile device 
  • Lightweight

What’s the price for PWAjet?

$100 / month* – version for CS-Cart store;

$150 / month – version for Multi-Vendor.

*30 calendar days.

Read more in the blog about PWAs:

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