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Scalable Cloud Hosting for High-Flying Projects

Gayane Tamrazyan

The traffic spike happens. If you underestimate your traffic volumes that can lead to the server overload, your website will slow down. It is critical for owners of eCommerce businesses to host their online stores in the cloud to increase or decrease the resources of the server quickly upon a need. A scalable cloud hosting solution, in this case, can be a good investment, as it allows scaling within an hour up and down without downtime. 

The scalable cloud hosting enables businesses who have previously been required to upgrade to a VPS to add more computing resources to their existing hosting account. With cloud hosting, there is no need to upgrade to a VPS or dedicated server.

How does it work?

The scalable hosting solution allows purchasing additional resources such as physical memory, disk space, etc. as required on a monthly basis. Additionally, static resources such as CPU are available for an upgrade by transitioning to a larger package as needed. Most of these upgrades can be done with a short message or ticket, and with zero downtime for your website.

Why not VPS?

VPS is suitable for those who are just interested in hosting a Web site. However, by offering powerful features, VPS hosting does not guarantee the uptime of your site in case of heavy traffic or technical failure.

With Cloud servers, you can buy more resources, easily add RAM, processor power, almost unlimited storage resources, or even create clones — copies of your server for data backup.

Cloud hosting is a good choice for fast-growing businesses or companies with significant seasonal traffic fluctuations. This is an economical way to scale resources and consolidate servers. 

Cloud hosting has practically unlimited resources, maximum bandwidth, load balancing, no binding to specific hardware components, scalability – you can add or free up resources at any time.

VPS hosting is not scalable. Resources are limited by the resources of the physical server. When you have exhausted your maximum resources allocated to the VPS, you will have to change the plan or consider other options. This can take a lot of time – several hours or days of inactivity.

read more about the differences between VPS and Cloud…

IT leaders choose Scalable Cloud Hosting for eCommerce

The ability to expand is one but not the only reason why companies opt for the cloud. In one of our previous posts, we mentioned the other stimuli for large eCommerce brands (like Atlassian, Siemens, or Adobe Systems) to choose a cloud hosting solution. Let’s recall some reasons why IT leaders choose cloud for their infrastructures:

  1. Effective cost. Companies save millions of dollars every year.
  2. Rearrange resources. Shift IT staff focus on differentiated work and strategic business initiatives.
  3. Sustainability. Offer reliable and high-performing applications to your clients.
  4. Flexibility. Instill IT and business operations with agility and the ability to innovate much more rapidly.

Besides, cloud hosting provides high availability for heavy workloads and is ideal for CPU-intensive applications like highly frequented web servers or video encoding.

Scalability is a key reason a lot of users move to the cloud infrastructure as a service.

Simtech Development moves beyond the conventional scalable hosting

Being a cloud provider, we deliver hosting services that can scale automatically depending on the project’s assets and needs. Our hosting team configures the server environments in a way that makes it possible to auto-scale projects. The auto-scaling bring extra benefits to entrepreneurs by ensuring:

Loss Prevention

Cloud hosting solution by Simtech enables enterprises to automatically discover, classify, and protect their most sensitive data elements. We have an automated multi-level server monitoring system that informs us about the status of server resources. Our hosting team proactively offers an optimum solution long before the resources run out to scale projects’ resources up and down automatically.

No downtime or “Closed for maintenance”

Infrastructure control allows us to minimize scaling time. Your store does not even need to close for maintenance.


You pay only necessary expenses. We add the exact amount of resources needed at the moment. Not two or three times more than you need, but just as much as required for the stable and predictive performance of your business, taking into account the actual load and the dynamics of its growth. When the load decreases, your expenses decrease as well.

Better workshare for staff

Manual tasks are automated to reduce errors and focus on customers.

Fully managed scalable hosting for large-scale projects

Those companies who are willing to expand and grow over time to become a large-scale enterprise definitely need our Enterprise Scalable Solution. Below are the main characteristics and advantages of the Enterprise hosting for large-scale businesses:

Consistent and fast performance

A fully managed hosting solution means that you take control of your website’s consistent performance even in case of the high traffic. Each application is hosted on multiple nodes and new nodes spin up automatically in case of traffic spikes.

Our Enterprise Solution includes a cluster of nodes ensuring the health and availability of all the components. When a cluster node goes down, another is spawned automatically to avoid application downtime.

We offer managed backups that can take both manual and on-demand backups of your website’s data for your peace of mind.

With our Enterprise Scaling Hosting, your application is fronted by a Load Balancer that manages the load automatically. Our team of cloud engineers and experts will migrate and configure your website on our high-availability and load balancing environment.

Robust security 

The Simtech Development expert team offers to configure the server infrastructures to keep it robust and secure at the same time. We envisaged the most common threats to bring safety to your business: from dedicated firewalls, DDoS protection to root access tracking, and security patching.

Besides, our Enterprise Hosting ensures a highly available database for the sustained health of your application.

Optimized IT infrastructure

Our optimized stack includes NGINX, Varnish, and Redis for the enhanced performance of your enterprise. The scalable architecture is provided as part of the Enterprise-level hosting plan and brings flexibility to scale your big project seamlessly.

Dedicated priority support

Our Enterprise Scaling Solution is ideal for rapidly growing brands that demand high availability, redundancy, security, and auto-scalability for their mission-critical projects. 

With the Enterprise hosting, you get 24/7 priority support. We proactively monitor the health of your application in real-time and provide feedback upon detecting suspicious behavior with your website: Skype, Facebook, LiveChat, Whatsapp, or any other messenger you prefer. We solve problems in your preferred format of communication. That gives you absolute peace of mind.

SRE assistance

Starting from 2020, Simtech Development is introducing SRE, the Site Reliability Engineering practices into the workflow. We teach our Enterprise Cloud Hosting customers how to apply the SRE to their projects to reproduce the effectively built workflow within their critical systems. Our SRE practitioners will research and develop service level indicators and objectives (SLIs / SLOs) to reinvent your IT processes and make them work as they should and cooperatively resolve the ongoing issues to improve the overall performance.

How Much Does It Cost?

All upgrades are billed on a month-to-month basis you can find on our web page.

The following resources can be scaled up or down as required within the Enterprise plan:

  • up to 200 users online;
  • avg. 1,300,000 monthly users;
  • 160 GB of Storage.

A dedicated solution requires a special price and depends on the particular scale and needs of your project. You can discuss the details by sending us an inquiry. 


Having a cloud hosting for an enterprise-level eCommerce business is a single way to create, deploy, and scale the project infrastructure. We help thousands of businesses to run their complex critical infrastructures safely and effectively.

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