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Simtech Development Exposed: Honest Reviews

Maksim Komonov
simtech development exposed

We love what we do. And we love it, even more, when you love it. Our customers are a true gold mine of inspiration, ideas and pure emotions – not always positive, but consistently very rich and deep. eCommerce projects are very lively and dynamic. Every day the industry reveals new technologies and methodologies. Our clients are technically mature and follow the trends. They require, sometimes demand from us to implement the latest features and stay ahead of their expectations. Sometimes we win, sometimes we fail – that’s the part of the game. But each fail gives us a foot rub to change, develop and grow.

In this article, we’ve gathered some positive reviews that lend us with wings, and some negative, that doused us with a cold shower. All taken from CS-Cart Marketplace.

Simtech Development: Positive Experience

This reviews make flowers in our hearts blossom.

Number 1

For Iain, we completed several complex tasks related to the implementation of a powerful GoCardless payment system, developed a clone display window system and a complex reporting system. We are glad that we were able to win the trust of such a client and build long-lasting and productive relationships with him.

Number 2

Designing and installing a theme can be painful. Many things should be taken into account. Especially if there is a Multi-Vendor software and there are modules from different manufacturers. We approach the design tasks in an integrated manner and do not complete the work until we are satisfied that everything works as it should. Read more about the role of design.

Number 3

For a business to which Andreas belongs, time and attention to detail are very important. The delay is unacceptable because it immediately affects sales. Integration and synchronization with the ERP system, the opening of new local storefronts, a detailed reporting system for vendors – all this was required to develop, change and update regularly. We are glad that we coped and are ready for new challenges!

Number 4

Frank has big plans! For his project, we developed additional communication tools and a Help Center system for each individual vendor. We are happy to help Frank create a very convenient environment for the local vendors.

Number 5

Lin suffered from the slow site load and the low involvement of the support of his hosting provider in the needs of the business. Migrating to our hosting solved this problem. Load speed increased, the number of errors decreased. In addition, many improvements were made to the theme. We acquired a very interesting and unique experience, and Lin got a fast, reliable and convenient marketplace.

Simtech Development: Negative Experience

These reviews make our customer care manager walk around the office gloomy all day long.

Number 1

No excuse for us here, but this happens for all companies with several departments working over one project. Miscommunication happened between Custom development and Add-on development teams and the client was hanging waiting for the reply. The issue brought to light the insufficiency of human resources and the gap in the project coordination. Since that time we reinforced the departments with more personnel, assigned supervisors for projects and implemented a notification automation for communication channels. Now we know exactly who, when and how guides our clients to success. And if one chain link fails, there’s always an alert system to secure the communication flow from delay.

Number 2

We believe these days in the digital world of no borders the majority of eCommerce entrepreneurs has the experience of dealing with subcontractors from a variety of countries. Some seek for expertizing, some seek for more affordable services. The language barrier is a common problem for this situation. We also faced it in our practice.

While we invest in language skills of our key personnel who communicate with customers, the gaps may happen. In order to ensure ourselves from getting into the language pit, starting 2018 we began recording all verbal communications to refer to the record during the development process. We have added a new workflow for Design projects with screens, mockups, references. A discussion of the project on the early stage can now involve sales manager, project manager, designer, and front-end developer. Each specification now goes through two rounds of approval.

Plus, we assigned reviewers (or supervisors) who inspect the recordings and the technical specifications if the uncertainty in the communication between us and a client escalates to a claim.

Number 3

Creating new add-ons, fixing bugs and provide technical support for customers requires lots of resources. Sometimes incoming requests overwhelm us and gaps in communication happen. There’s no excuse for us to keep our customers drift in uncertainty about their digital property. This particular issue with support delay pushed us to make a life-changing decision – creating a separate Technical support service, which was successfully launched and is providing fast and skillful assistance to customers. The service concentrates only on customers’ requests and is not involved in other activities. Read more about it.

Number 4

Josh had a problem with Vanilla Theme during the installation procedure. He reached our technical support for help. Unfortunately, we were too slow to fix the problem. Despite the fact that we managed to fix the error later, Josh was unhappy with the service, which was unsatisfactory due to one big reason – pattern thinking on our side. We had a formalized procedure regarding scanning the project with respect to the errors. But those errors hid in the shadows.

While we were looking in the default locations, the error was caused by the conflict of Vanilla Theme and customization of CS-Cart. It took us extra time to find it, but that was totally our mistake to launch a default installation procedure for the customized project without proper research. This case made us amend our implementation procedures.

Number 5

The problem taught us (and should teach you also) to invest more money and time to the Help Desk system. Mark somehow got unlucky to register two duplicating accounts in our Help Desk and was sending access information to one of them, and we were checking another one without even knowing the first one exists. Such a shame on us. Good that with the help of our customers we find these errors and fix them. By the way, regarding Help Desk, we are working on a newer version of it to make it more comfortable, more mobile-friendly. And it will probably have a mobile app. Let us know what you think about it!


Thanks! Thank you very much for your reviews! Positive or negative, they help us to deliver better customer service or improve our products and become a better partner for your eCommerce business. If you have something to say about Simtech Development or the add-ons, follow the button below and write a short review on CS-Cart Marketplace. Thus your voice will be heard.


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