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We’ve Launched A Data Center In São Paulo

Gayane Tamrazyan

We offer new opportunities to those who are looking for a safe and reliable cloud hosting in one of the most perspective eCommerce markets in the world – in South America, Brazil, São Paulo.

Why we offer cloud hosting services in Brazil

As for Brazil, according to the Statista forecast, revenue in the eCommerce market amounts to US$15,717m in 2020. Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2020-2024) of 2.2%, resulting in a market volume of US$17,164m by 2024. In the eCommerce market, the number of users is expected to amount to 147.0m by 2024. User penetration is 62.4% in 2020 and is expected to hit 67.5% by 2024. And the market’s largest segment is Fashion with a market volume of US$5,470m in 2020. Looks promising, doesn’t it?

Why data center location matters

The closer you are to your customers the more successfully you can compete for local search because the load speed increases. Speed, time, distance – you know. At the moment we offer 12 data centers around the world and we are not going to stop. Our goal is to provide users with a fast and quality connection wherever they are. 

Why you can feel safe with this data center

We offer a reliable cloud hosting to our customers. Besides, it is highly recommended by CS⁠-⁠Cart. 

We guarantee a proper security system for our data centers that house your enterprise data and applications. According to our research, in 2019 SimtechDev specialists resolved more than 1,500 security incidents including hacker attacks and DDoS.

Why we offer a perfect hosting for eCommerce

Traffic spikes. During the period of special offers and sales or due to the season they can ruin the online business. It is really important in eCommerce to maintain hosting infrastructure letting it grow for a period you need and then shrink back to normal.

Why we automate processes

Our DevOps team automates routine and production processes to increase their efficiency. As a result – 300% fewer system failures, 50% less time on security problems, 22% less money on unplanned work.

Let our specialists do their job and monitor your server 24/7. They will contact you immediately for minor problems and will fix the major issues that can significantly affect server performance.

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