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Why Your eCommerce Should Be Multilingual

How far can one go by being multilingual? Let’s find out.

“If I am selling to you, I speak your language. If I am buying, dann müssen sie Deutsch sprechen.”

This quote was famously stated by former West German chancellor Willy Brandt. The second half of the phrase translates to, “then you must speak German.” 

In this post, we will show you the reasons why your eCommerce business can benefit if you prioritize being multilingual and ways SimtechDev can help you cater to a multicultural audience.

Brandt made an excellent point. In order to make your clients comfortable and instill trust, it’s best to speak their language. There’s even a bit of science behind this — people tend to think more logically when working in a foreign language, and most sales depend on customers thinking emotionally instead of frugally.

The language barrier is one of the main reasons online shoppers won’t buy from you: prospects, unsure of their reading skills, avoid English-language websites, spend less time during their visits, and restrain from buying products that lack instructions or post-sales customer support in their language.

Increase Size of Target Market

When we think about customers’ first interaction with your business, we think about website interface. Without multilingual functionality, your website will always be restricted to English speaking customers, which is only around one-quarter of the world’s population.

  • International storefronts

CS⁠-⁠Cart Ultimate and Multi-Vendor Ultimate are the editions of CS⁠-⁠Cart eCommerce platform built to expand your online business internationally. Both editions allow you to create an unlimited number of storefronts that you can customize to being region-specific including domain name, language, local currency, shipping and payment options. Our multi-store shopping cart software provides a unique precise customer targeting opportunity by allowing to create region-specific web stores. While using GeoIP, it will automatically detect prospect’s country and redirect him/her to the related local storefront. 

When it comes to translating your new region-specific web store, it is important to understand you need to address the translation of the site “foundations” (the admin panel and the storefront functional texts) and the translation of site content (products, categories, blog, banners) separately. You don’t have to worry about addressing either one since CS⁠-⁠Cart and Multi-Vendor are natively multi-lingual.

  • Translating the site “foundations”

CS⁠-⁠Cart and Multi-Vendor support multiple languages including right-to-left (RTL). If you are not finding the language you need in default, you are free to download a language pack at our language portal with the latest translations (including Chinese, Spanish, Arabic and Hebrew).

  • Translating the site content

SimtechDev offers you to take full advantage of using the Cloud Translation by Google add-on

The add-on integrates the Google Translate service with your CS⁠-⁠Cart store, enabling you to translate the entire site or individual entities (products, categories, blog, pages, newsletters, order statuses, payment methods, shipping methods, user groups, currencies, features, options, blocks).

Cloud Translation by Google provides fast translation from the source language to more than 100 languages. It is an easy way to get a translation literally in one click. You just add a new product and the translation to the target language or languages is created automatically. 

  • Driving your SEO

If your store’s content is in multiple languages, search engines will recognize each language as an individual content and therefore your website will be indexed in other languages too. The more SEO friendly your store is, the more dominant position on Google and other search engines it has.

Win Instant Rapport With Clients and Earn More Sales

If you are going to work at an international level, also consider the force of having multilingual employees within your own organization.

“Every time I switch to their native [customers’] language, I feel an instant connection with them,” says Daria Andreeva, Sales Manager at SimtechDev. Daria speaks Russian, English, French, and German. “And even if I start a conversation with someone whose language I don’t speak, just saying “Hi” in their language demonstrates my commitment and sparks their willingness to share their true concerns.”

“Being multilingual definitely creates more sales opportunities. You are open to a wider pool of customers you can serve and able to build long term trustworthy relationships with them. If you underestimate this opportunity, your ability to succeed will be limited, and you will be leaving a lot of money on the table.”

FINAL TAKE — Nestlé had limited success selling the chocolate bar in Japan, until it figured out how to crack the teen market. In Japan, the product’s name is pronounced ‘kitto katsu,’ which roughly translates to ‘I hope you win.’

Fueling a rumor that Kit Kats bring success at crucial school exams, Nestlé rolled out packages combining the candy with other good luck charms.

Some 90 percent of Japanese schoolchildren say they have heard the rumor.

Sales were up 28 percent the same year.

It looks like there has never been a more critical time to have your multilingual approach carefully planned out.

If you decided to go global with your online trade and need eCommerce expert help, feel free to contact us.

And by the way, our experts speak English, Russian, French, German and Spanish.


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