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Content for Social Media

How to Adapt Content for Different Social Media?

Most brands save on community management by posting absolutely mirror-like content across all brand social media. More advanced marketers change the image format so that it seems visually more organic to a specific social media platform. The most far-sighted reduce the number of sites on which they work, but they treat each social community as carefully as possible, developing and adapting the content not only to the requirements of these platforms, but also taking into account the expectations of users of a particular network.

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7 Concerns About SEO Online Store Owners Should Be Aware Of

7 Concerns About SEO Online Store Owners Should Be Aware Of

SEO will work effectively if you focus on optimizing the user experience during search engine optimization. The results won’t be visible right away, but eventually your site will rank better in search and you’ll get organic traffic.
In this post we’ll share some myths and concerns about SEO that you should know about to better implement and optimize your site.

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Why Do Customers Not Respond to Your Special Offers and Promos?

Why Do Customers Not Respond to Your Special Offers and Promos

This time let’s talk about promotions in online stores and marketplaces.
Our customers, digital entrepreneurs, often ask our advice about increasing sales.
They’ve already tried all marketing techniques to increase the Average Order Value:
Applied all up-, cross-, and downselling techniques to promote products and services to the existing customers
Loyalty program is on…
Product Bundles have been introduced…
It seems like marketing does not help in driving more sales. So, you come to us to obtain a solution capable of reignite sales.
Is there an approach that is fast and easy to implement? In our new article we unveil some secret, not obvious methods to make your special offer work for you and your budget.

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Dark Patterns and How They Manipulate Users

All is fair in love and war. But eCommerce is not that case. When promoting an item or service, you need to be careful with aggressive methods of advertising. Here, we’ve gathered the worst examples of promoting your business online.

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ECommerce Site Architecture

Things to Consider While Designing an eCommerce Site Architecture

Have you ever visited a large department store a week after Christmas? This is absolute chaos. There are piles of clothes everywhere; tags are missing; mess of sizes; departments are mixed with each other. There is zero sense of organization in general. This is what your site would look like without a website architecture. But what is site architecture and why is it so important?

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Top 10 Tools to Increase Conversion of Your Online Store or Marketplace

The conversion rate of websites averages around 2-3 percent. It means that for every 100 visitors, you can expect to get only 2 clients. And honestly, that’s a pretty good conversion rate.
Many sites have conversion rates between 0.1 and 0.2%. To get 1 customer, you will need 1,000 visitors.

How to improve conversion, attract more customers with existing traffic? We share 10 effective tools for boosting conversions.

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PayPal Alternatives in Restricted Countries in 2021

PayPal is a very popular online payment gateway, but not for all the countries in the world. If you find your country on a ban list meaning that all the money transfers between you and your customers fail, you should have a plan-B service. We completed a list of most popular payment services in this post. Choose and connect a PayPal alternative payment option to remove barriers for your cashflow.

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