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Popular Online Shopping Categories in Different Parts Of The World

This post brings together the latest stats for popular online shopping categories in such countries as the U.S., Europe, Australia, India, and Latin America. With this data in your hands, you can better target your marketing campaigns and increase sales with the high-demand products based on the country you sell. Apply a data-driven approach for online sales to get more out of your eCommerce business!

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How to launch a D2C eCommerce site

How to Launch a D2C eCommerce site

Direct-to-Customer model gains momentum. It’s time for manufacturers to sell and deliver their products directly to consumers. If you want to jump into this business, you need to form a plan, build a strategy and finally create a selling site with your brand-specific design, convenient payment and shipping options for customers and acting as a hub for all your channels of communication with the target audience. Learn from this article more about D2C concept, brand examples, plans and a strategy.

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Scaling HoReCa sites in the online environment

Scaling an eCommerce Site in the HoReCa Industry

HoReCa has a small share in eCommerce, just 5%. However, the pandemic accelerated its growth and changed the way hotels, restaurants and cafes distribute their products and services. In this article, we gathered the latest stats, trends, and best practices for the HoReCa businesses allowing them a more effective promotion in the online environment.

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How to Sell Fitness Workouts Online

How to Sell Fitness Programs and Workouts Online

Online fitness ranked #1 on ACSM Health & Fitness Journal’s 2021 trends list. Convenience, comfort, savings on renting lockers, parking and saving for shy people: this is a great springboard for growth for both fitness club owners and trainers themselves.

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