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Point of Sale Integration

Why Do Restaurants Need POS Integration?

Food category has grown by almost 50% since the pandemic. In this light, POS (point of sale) system integration becomes more than a handy feature but a necessity to sustain competition. If you operate or are just going to launch a food delivery app, consider these facts and tips that we’ve collected for you in our new post.

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Online Store Architecture Design

Designing an online store: where to start creating a profitable eCommerce site?

An online store without architecture is like a house without foundation. Any minor change will cost much. That’s why we recommend starting an eCommerce project with architecture design. Together, we design the required pages, and their functionality, elaborate Design of pages, page sections, and their functionality, elaborate technical requirements, match the platform for the business need of the customer. You get a 100% unique project-specific website architecture that will fit your business needs amid CS-Cart capabilities.

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Shifting business to eCommerce

Should I Shift My Business Over to eCommerce?

For many businesses around the world, shifting online has become more of a necessity than a preference due to reduced patronage during lockdowns, making rental payments on storefronts and other overhead costs associated with operating a brick and mortar business difficult to bear. Commerce is an incredible tool for businesses and one that almost any retailer should embrace. In this post, we examine reasons and perks of shifting over to eCommerce.

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Start Online Marketplace

How to start an online marketplace in 2022

Basically, there are two types of online shops: a single-seller and a multi-seller’ shop. In this article, we are going to tell you about the second option.
As reflected by the name, a multi-seller’ shop is a multi-vendor system where multiple sellers known as vendors sell their products on a platform owned by an administrator. Customers come to the marketplace and get the opportunity to purchase the product from various sellers.

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Agriculture Marketplace

Agriculture Marketplaces: Trends, Top Websites, and Features

Here we describe the actual state of the agriculture business in the world. We back our conclusions with the latest stats. You will get to know what the top agriculture firms are, and what the top agrotech marketplaces exist. We will share our customization ideas so that you can build your own profitable business with less effort and budget.

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TOP10 Marketplace Ideas: How to Find a great idea in 2022

TOP10 Marketplace Ideas: How to Find a great idea in 2022

In this post we described top 10 trending niches for marketplaces and added some customization ideas in every niche. You will get details to launch the online renting, food delivery, grocery, travel booking, digital product, telemedecine, online learning, beauty industry, furniture, and automotive marketplaces.

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Why Do CS-Cart Entrepreneurs Prefer Customizing Their ECommerce Sites With Us?

Why Do CS-Cart Entrepreneurs Prefer Customizing Their eCommerce Sites with Us?

We interviewed some of our key clients and summarized the reasons why eCommerce entrepreneurs choose us. They are: reliability, certification by CS-Cart official developer, and the closest location to the platform developers. We know best how to implement a solution on this platform. In this post we gathered some of the reviews and stories behind the most successful CS-Cart customization cases.

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