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We Have Launched a New Data Center in Bahrain

Maria Chumakova

If you’ve been looking for cloud computing perspectives for your business in the Middle East – we’ve launched a new AWS data center in Bahrain.

Why AWS?

We offer AWS cloud hosting to our customers as the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform. Besides, it is highly recommended by CS-Cart.

Now you can be even closer to your customers! 

Thanks to the shorter distance between a data center and user, load speed increases so that you can compete successfully for local search. There are 11 data centers around the world at our disposal, the number is constantly growing to provide users with a fast and quality connection. 

You can feel safe and secure!

A data center houses all your enterprise data and applications, and a breach could mean disaster for your business. We guarantee a proper security system for our data centers.

In 2019 our specialists resolved more than 1500 security incidents including hacker attacks and DDoS. 

You don’t need to worry about traffic spikes!

Since data centers are under control of our specialists they maintain AWS infrastructure letting it grow for a period you need and then shrink back to normal. It is really important in eCommerce when the traffic increases during the period of special offers and sales or due to the season. 

You can reduce spendings!

Optimized settings and the combination of AWS services can increase performance without adding extra resources. Our DevOps team automates routine and production processes to increase their efficiency. As a result – 300% fewer system failures, 50% less time on security problems, 22% less money on unplanned work.

You can focus on business growth!

Let our specialists do their job and monitor your server 24/7. They will contact you immediately for minor problems and will fix the major issues that can significantly affect server performance.

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