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Top 10 Plugins Integrating Google Features into Your CS-Cart Store

Gayane Tamrazyan

Google runs the world. Almost everybody is searching across the web using this engine. It does have everything in one place and all connected. You don’t need to create extra accounts, put more credentials to get the functionality they provide.

In July 2019, online search engine Bing accounted for 2.72 percent of the global search market, while market leader Google had a market share of 88.61 percent. Chinese search engine Baidu’s market share was 0.74 percent.


Why not benefit from the Google extras when running an online shop on CS-Cart?

We’ve selected the top 10 add-ons helping you to connect one or another feature of Google:

  1. Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce: A must-have for any CS-Cart online store manager who wants to track performance. The Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce add-on integrates your store with Google eCommerce Analytics. It allows you to measure the number of transactions and revenue that your website generates.
  2. GA Quick View: Brief information about visitors, channels, conversions, and pages right in your CS-Cart dashboard. Integrating this extension will give you an idea of ​​the most important events happening in the store. For Multi-Vendor, the GA Quick View add-on also allows vendors to track Google Analytics from their admin panels. 
  3. Two Factor Authentication by Google: Protect your store from unauthorized access to the admin panel. Read this article to know what else you can do for better security. 
  4. Google Customer Reviews: Thanks to it, you can collect valuable reviews about your store for free. Customers who’ve made a purchase on your site can opt-in to receive an email survey to rate their shopping experience. 
  5. Geolocation by Google: The CS-Cart Geolocation by Google lets you integrate the Google Maps service with your website. Geolocation brings the power of Google Maps to your store by adding a map with street view and proximity search. By adding the maps into your store homepage you can get real-time information about your customers’ location and check orders’ real geographical origin. 
  6. Google Tag Manager: Integrating it into your website, will free you from having to involve developers when configuring tags. While integrating the Google Remarketing Tag you won’t have to add the remarketing tag to each page on your website. It saves your time and reduces errors. 
  7. Cloud Translation by Google: Provides fast translation from the source language to more than 100 languages. Unlike online translators, Cloud Translation by Google saves the obtained data to the store database. So the results can be used in search queries. 
  8. Address Autocomplete by Google: Makes it easy to integrate with Google Maps API features. Once you have installed the Google Autocomplete add-on you can easily enable the address auto-completion feature on the special checkout field in your store. It saves time and prevents typing errors
  9. Apple and Google Pay: Ability to accept PayPal payments, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Dron-In UI. Easy-to-understand payment processing allows your customers to make orders within seconds. Now, the add-on supports 3D Secure 2.0 two-factor authentication. 
  10. Google AMP for SEO: Add-on creates special lightweight versions of your product pages so that your store is loaded faster and instantly on phones and tablets. The next month, the add-on is undergoing changes to include product variations’ functionality to load and index it better for CS-Cart stores.

While getting connected your Google extension with the CS-Cart platform, don’t forget about creating the relevant Google extension account. For GA Enhanced, for example, the account is required to get a Tracking id. In order to use the Google Remarketing Tag add-on, you need to have an account at Google Merchant Center. And for Cloud Translation by Google, there are some request-per-day limitations to take into account. Tell us if this job is too tricky. The Simtech Development always provides help in getting things done right with CS-Carts.

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