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What Do CS-Cart Merchants Think About Customizing Their Webshops?

Maksim Komonov

Here at Simtech Development, we have a strong team of more than 50 in-house developers, managers, QA, and DevOps / SRE specialists.

Although our skilled PHP developers have experience with Magento, WordPress, and other software, our main priority is CS-Cart custom development.

We cherish the time of our busy entrepreneurs, so, in addition to customizing eCommerce websites for our clients, we also provide them with the full cycle of getting their projects up and running.

Simtech Development reviews

The entire team acts as in an orchestra where every department plays its own part: the eCommerce consultants specify requests and pull them further to the developers who make all the magic in turning a wish into a reality, the hosting experts configure the servers specifically for CS-Cart-based incentives, the in-house developed add-ons already comply with the CS-Cart Company strict programming rules, but still can be finetuned by the same developers, designers envelop the code into a beautiful and high-performing look-and-feel. To help companies meet their goals, we listen to our clients, offer the best solutions, and demand the best of ourselves for our clients. This recipe for success might be one of the reasons why Clutch considers us as one of the best software development companies in Russia.

Clutch is a B2B rating and reviews firm that is located in downtown Washington, D.C. Clutch is dedicated to helping businesses find top service providers that best fit their project needs. To do this, Clutch analysts assign a Focus and an Ability to Deliver score to each company listed on its site. While the Focus score is based on the services that each offers, the Ability to Deliver is a result of its client reviews, market presence, and awards. The client reviews are conducted by the analyst team either over the phone or online. The in-depth questions capture the entire scope of the project and the client’s relationship with the vendor throughout it.

Our clients have spoken, and we have an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. See what some of them had to say for yourself:

Faly Music

What Do CS-Cart Merchants Think About Customizing Their Webshops?

We developed a payment processor for Yamir Palma, CEO at Faly Music from Mexico, to include an option to save cards for the next purchase and place pre-orders. Here is what Yamir says about our cooperation:

After talk with 4 companies about this project, I chose Simetch because they give more ideas to improve the project, they always replied in the time that they said. I investigated about them and they were very recommended by our eCommerce developer. The cost that they give me was in the average of our budget (…) 

The results of the project were more impressive than we expected. We increase the 150% the credit card orders in the first month that we implement the new payment processor

Floral Shop

What Do CS-Cart Merchants Think About Customizing Their Webshops?

The director of a floral shop from Kingscliff, Australia, reports the following about our mutual work: 

We built our current platform on Laravel 3, and whilst incredibly innovative in 2013, a few years ago it became clear that we needed a major upgrade to bring our software in line with eCommerce best practices and we didn’t think that Laravel was right for us. After years of research, we decided on CS-Cart & chose Simtech as our developer as, whilst the ‘out of the box’ features of CS-Cart are incredible, there are certain add ons that we need that are specific to our industry and felt that Simtech were perfect for the task. It’s difficult to go into too much detail about our development needs due to IP but there have been lots of them up until now, and many more moving forward.

I am impressed with the value for money, communication, ability to understand our needs, their professionalism, the efficiency of meeting goals and deadlines, and their honesty.

IMO, there are no improvements necessary, Simtech has exceeded my expectations.

Recycling Machinery & Products Company

What Do CS-Cart Merchants Think About Customizing Their Webshops?

Joseph Klatt is a manager of Precious Plastic Bazar, a foundation based in the Netherlands that designs open-source recycling machinery and products. We provided UI designs and customized his marketplace to simplify the new product page and make shipping options available by country. He enjoyed our nuanced approach and left his opinion on Clutch:

We first gave Simtech a list of desired changes with corresponding UI mockups. They then came back with a quite as well as step by step requirements for getting the job done.

The results of the engagement definitely met the initial goal expectations of the project. I was happy with the result.

Mercado Equipos

What Do CS-Cart Merchants Think About Customizing Their Webshops?

Diego Stephens who works for a company based in Chile that distributes over the Internet the heavy machinery and used equipment for trucks, construction, and mining, asked us for the CS-Cart software, upload it to AWS, and customize it for their purposes. Clutch shares his point of view about us:

The project was on a relatively tight budget, so we were looking for an out-of-the-box solution that we would be able to customize and build off of to use for our marketplace. We came across CS-Cart software and bought it through Simtech Development, who are authorized resellers of that product, as well as AWS services.

From there, we worked with them to construct the entire platform, making various changes and customizations, adding plugins, and implementing our content into the product.

They always create the technical specifications of any tasks that they have and provide us with a list of everything they’re going to develop. The whole team is straightforward and honest, so we are never worried about whether or not something is going to be completed.

Perfect Nails Kft.

What Do CS-Cart Merchants Think About Customizing Their Webshops?

For Zoltán Csaba Petri, the Perfect Nails Kft online store operations manager from Hungary, we created a new eCommerce site to replace a legacy Magento store. This involved migrating data, implementing third-party integrations, adding custom content, and modifying designs. 

Here is what Zoltan thinks about customizing his web store:

We had a Magento webshop on, but we were not satisfied with it. It was slow and was not user-friendly. 

Simtech’s job was to install Cs-Cart, create a good hosting environment and develop a lot of custom add-ons that are helping us to be more effective. 

If anybody has changed ever from a webshop to another webshop solution, knows that this is a very big and hard project. Anyway the solution was developed and launched early. Our customers are very satisfied with our new website that is superfast.

What Do CS-Cart Merchants Think About Customizing Their Webshops?

Peter Acworth from San Francisco, California, is the CEO of Our team improved his site’s functionality by fixing the existing CS-Cart features and adding crowdfunding options.

We had them make a variety of changes to the core functionality such as adding crowdfunding (kickstarter or indiegogo) type functionality, the ability to upload videos and encode/store them on AWS, enhanced comments and social aspects to the site, etc.

I worked primarily with a point person who effectively communicated progress. There was also a group chat directly with developers when closer contact was necessary.

They are the known experts for cs-cart development and came recommended by cs-cart themselves. Their knowledge and expertise became immediately apparent.

What Do CS-Cart Merchants Think About Customizing Their Webshops?

Günter Windler is the owner of Kayamo, an expanding German jewelry marketplace. We moved the platform to an AWS server, improved the look-n-feel, and provided marketing research to enhance the SEO rankings.

For the last 4 years we hired Simtech Development for everything: They moved our marketplace to an AWS-Server with 24/7-service and lower costs. They realised about 20 projects for our marketplace like: look and feel of our marketplace, special fields for customers, some design optimizations and so on.

After the development our website loads faster and customers can find us better. We have more people who come via mobile. And our ranking is getting better.


Because of our clients’ high opinion, Clutch also features us on two of their other websites. The first, called The Manifest, publishes business news and insights while also listing us among their best software development companies in Russia. Visual Objects is the second site, hosting our portfolio items so that potential clients can see the kind of work that we do.

If you want to share your feedback, you’re always welcome with us! We look forward to continuing to dedicate ourselves to serving our clients and offering them the highest quality performances!

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