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Why Pay For Examination Service?

Gayane Tamrazyan

One day, you may reveal that conversion on your selling website dramatically fell down. Customers are struggling and finally failing to complete their purchases, sales are dropping down, and you don’t know whether it is a customer issue or an IT glitch. Is there a worse nightmare for an online retailer?

Of course, an expert is needed to drill down into the case and shed light on what’s going on as quick as possible.

You’re never alone with your problem. There is a special Issue Investigation service that we can provide. Let’s figure out what it is and how to use it.

Who needs a website examination?

Online retailers who face an unknown problem with unclear localization, and who need to be tipped off about the trouble spot within a couple of days.

What is the investigation process?

Step 1. Help-Desk

Address your request to the Simtech Development Help Desk.

Tip:The less fuzzy your request is, the more detailed it is (screenshots are attached, problem description and the way of reproducing it are given), the quicker we investigate your online store malfunction reasons!

Tentative List of Issues:

Investigation service is for you in case of:

  • a suspicious or erroneous behavior/functionality on CS-Cart based website.

Investigation service is not your case when:

  • code, design, marketing campaign or Google Analytics data audit, and website speed concerns (there is a separate service for this – performance optimization) are involved.

Step 2. Consultation

Our eCommerce Consultant replies to your quote and, depending on the developers’ team workload, assigns the closest date when, after your payment, the experts start the investigation procedure.

Step 3. Examination

Experts carry out express-investigation of your issue to shed the light on the case.

Step 4. Outcome

Variant 1: The results of the investigation can be:

  • Recommendations (to be applied by you or your in-house team on your/your team own);
  • Workaround (a temporary solution to ‘fight fires’ until a stable solution is made);
  • Expert advice or help with rectifying the issue.

Variant 2. In case the solution implies a longer analysis and extra financing, then:

At your discretion, an additional task will be created to resolve a particular issue. The cost of the solution will include the already paid amount (as the experts have some knowledge of it) plus an extra cost for extra work. You won’t have to pay twice for the same.

Your benefits

You have an idea of trouble spotting within a short time. Experts share with you their valuable estimates on who is the trouble maker and possibly how to overcome a buggy behavior.

Correlation with other services

  • Dedicated Developer (you’ve got an individual approach in resolving issues on a per-task paid basis);
  • Support Service (content-related issues, setting up and consultation on CS-Cart default functionality, and minor tweaks);
  • Performance Optimization (server-caused speed related issues);
  • Code Review (website improper behavior due to an unoptimized code).


Being a CS-Cart store owner, you’ve got a reliable partner in Simtech Development standing behind you and guiding your efforts to build as strongest eCommerce business as possible.


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