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Yandex 360 For Business – Complex Email Solution

Yandex 360 for Business

Yandex 360 for Business offers a full, rich, and usable email experience with powerful web access, mobile apps, POP as well as IMAP access and almost unlimited storage. In September 2020, Yandex 360 for Business for domain was replaced by Yandex 360 for Business 360. The refreshed mail now combines several Yandex services: Mail, Disk, Calendar, Messenger, Contacts and Notes. As the developers explain, any of these services can be used as before, but switching between them is now more convenient. Businesses can take a lot out of using Yandex mail service. 

Key takeaways about Yandex 360 mail service

  • It has a free plan with email on custom domain
  • Online storage starts from 10GB per employee on a free plan and can be increased to 3 TB (chargeable)
  • POP and IMAP allow flexible access
  • It is scalable (storage, users)
  • It has customizable solutions for business (chargeable)


  • Yandex 360 offers free email with online storage (starting at 10 GB).
  • With Yandex 360 you can create email accounts with your site name. 
  • Yandex 360 allows protecting emails and storage from spam and viruses thanks to the Yandex technologies.
  • With Yandex 360, it is possible to create as many accounts as you need with unlimited mailbox sizes and aliases.
  • You can sync Yandex.Mail with Active Directory, bulk import accounts, and manage access rights and blocking.
  • You can access a changelog for 90 days on Yandex.Disk, revert to previous versions of a file at any time.
  • It is also possible to connect any folder to automatically back files up to Yandex.Disk.
  • With Yandex 360 you can organize video calls with no time limits using Yandex.Telemost.
  • Yandex 360 makes it possible to set up a meeting in a corporate calendar and start chats using Messenger.
  • You can complete and share access to documents, presentations, and spreadsheets right in Yandex.Disk without downloading files. Available formats are: XLSX, DOCX, PPTX, DOC, ODT, ODS, and PPT.

Yandex 360 for Business

The owners of a domain can connect it with Yandex.Mail to create a domain email example[at]domain[dot]com. The service is free and does not limit the common Yandex.Mail functionality. 

Mail hosting for domain

After connecting a domain, the user can:

  • Create email accounts with your site name.
  • Have 10 GB of storage space for the emails per user.

Basic, Standard, and Professional Plans

For small startups or organizations, there are plans with more capabilities:

  • Email on custom domains
  • Important emails (smart selection of priority emails)
  • Unlimited addresses
  • Unlimited aliases
  • Employee cloud storage: from 100 Gb to 3 Tb
  • 90-day history of file changes
  • Unlimited downloads from public links
  • Auto-save folders in Windows
  • Unlimited video auto-uploads from your phone
  • No ads
  • Priority support

If you’re looking to connect your eCommerce website domain with Yandex 360, check out our comprehensive guide on integrating Yandex Mail for your domain

If you have more important things to do, contact us and we’ll set up Yandex 360 forwarding on your server the very next day.


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