Dedicated Developer for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor

Dedicated developers

Do you have a complicated issue? Let’s discuss it!

Experts delivered

Win from "shared human resources" approach. Rent the expertise and skills needed for achieving specific goals without long paperwork. Inject fresh brains into the work right now!

Single developer

When you need to delegate the routine work and rearrange resources

Development team

When time matters. The team will sync their work in a complex approach

Mixed party

You need result. Involve front-, back-end, design, SEO, marketing, etc.

Operations office

We’ll help with managing processes, outreach, connections, growth

When do you need dedicated developer service?

Long-term complex projects

Projects where development and support must be provided by insiders who are completely familiar with the system

Projects without a strict technical task

Projects with a high degree of ambiguity, and when changes are going to be made during the development process

Urgent business critical improvements

Missions regarding security, local regulation, complex integrations with enterprise systems. When you can't make mistakes

Dedicated developers

Are you a marketing agency? Lack tech skills in team?

Stop losing clients because of that gap. We can share our experts on demand.

Dedicated developers

Process transparency

You’ll see every move, every change and every comment on every stage of the project. We’ll integrate you in our Task Management System - Jira (by Atlassian)


We use the Time & Materials pricing model. It means that you pay the hours the specialist has logged in the task-manager after the task is complete. While working on your project, Simtech Development managers send you detailed reports on time spent and tasks completed, so you can be confident that work is progressing efficiently and cost-effectively.

Dedicated developers