10 Reasons to Outsource Development Team For eCommerce Projects

Gayane Tamrazyan

According to Global Services Location Index (GSLI), a study released in 2017 where outsourcing trends in 55 countries analyzed, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Brazil, Philippines head the top of most outsourcing countries. You might think why do developing countries outsource more? Well, it’s obvious, it’s simply cheaper.

Website development is a comprehensive process. Apart from the coding itself, it involves tasks like web engineering, server configuration, and eCommerce development. If you are not a large enterprise, spending your seed capital on web-development with your in-house team may cost you time and money. As an entrepreneur, you know for sure that there are a bunch of other deals to focus on primarily. It is a common practice to outsource experts to perform specific tasks more effectively. That is why outsourcing developers is so popular now. Still, not convinced? Here are other reasons why you may need to outsource:

#1. You are free to choose any developer and not restrained by geography

In doing this, you hire a professional from almost any country based on his or her skills as today’s connectivity allows remote operation. So, having Internet access you get connected with truly talented people around the Globe, and this is quite a big pool of manpower!

#2. You are more flexible in hiring another team if something doesn’t suit you

When having an in-house team, you are bound up with your employees. It can be a hard emotional task to dismiss somebody or you may fear of HR constraints or even of being sued. A remote team is easier to deal with as your contacts are minimal.   

#3. You hire experts, not generalists

You might say that in house team can also include experts. In some cases, it is really worth expenditures. However, in the long run, an in-house expert is costly and not usually required. Often, an expert is required to resolve some specific tasks. So, you don’t have to maintain a large staff to do a complex job which happens once a month.

#4. You pay fair price defined by supply and demand

The invisible hand rules the market and the HR area is not an exclusion. Outside companies are cheaper to hire as those teams should sustain hot competition. So, the price would define their success. You can do research to learn the market state and avoid over- or underpaying.

#5. You don’t pay for inactivity, only the useful hours are rewarded

Being an employer, you are bound with paying taxes, seak leaves and holidays of your staff. It is not the case of the outsourced personnel. 

#6. You acquire technology or technology results in addition to skills.

This point relates to the special software you’ll need for sure in the web development process. Unless you don’t have enough skills to select the right tools, don’t waste time and money choosing the right ones. You will get the fruit without the necessity to purchase the technology which helped to produce it.

#7. You learn from the process and can implement some skills further on your own

However, closely cooperating with a devs’ team, you might acquire some of their best practices to adopt further on whether on your own or with your in-house pros. 

#8. Your business is with you and secondary tasks don’t divert your attention

You are not a one-man-band. Focus on managing your venture to stay creative and keep leadership in the area where you are self-confident. Let experts do their job. 

#9. Now you are a customer, and the customer is always right!

You are the process owner, a customer. You set requirements and monitor their fulfillment. You can claim for exact adhering to the task assignment and you keep the upper hand.

#10 You can contribute to your fame when outsourcing a prominent developer.

Finally, partnering with a key player in the market you invest in your reputation. Fruitful cooperation may attract more attention to your company or just tell about your financial ambitions and business acumen.


In this context, outsourcing a development team seems to be rational. All the core processes rest with you and auxiliary work relies on experts. Try our dedicated developers’ service! We are CS-Cart certified developers, our workflow is clear and transparent, we’ve got a 14-years’ experience and a strong team of PHP front- and back-end developers, QA experts, DevOps engineers, so you can trust our expertise!

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