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Add-ons Changelog for the February 2019

Hi, This is Alexey from Simtech Development. Let’s see what news we have about our add-ons in the first part of February 2019.

Weekly Deal

Look at these three most demanded add-ons of January 2019:
Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce – $59;
Google AMP for SEO – $89;
JSON-LD for SEO – $35.
Weekly Deal – $148. Available only until the end of February 2019! Only 3 days!

List of Improved Add-ons

If you want to see what has been added or fixed in add-ons for all the time, you can follow the links below and have a look at the changelog section.
[+]… – a new feature has been added.
e.g [+] The ability to limit access to the customers based on their location for the store administrators has been added.
[!]… – Fixed.
e.g. [!] A PHP notice appeared when deleting the order in the canceled status. Fixed.
[~]…a functionality of the addon has been changed.
e.g. [~] The DIV tags have been moved inside the BODY from HEAD.
[-].. – a functionality has been deleted.
e.g. [-] The container tab has been removed from import setting for the files with YML format.



Pop-Up Notifications Pro

[+] The “Show when leaving the page” popup display condition has been added.
[+] The popup closing animation has been added.
[+] The animation speed setting has been added.
[+] The popup autoclose setting has been added.
[+] The “Disable touch and scroll” setting has been added.
[+] The “Block main page content” setting has been added.

Vendor Business Hours

[+] The functionality that allows keeping vendor products available for sale during non-working hours and on weekends has been added.
[+] “The “Allow sale on weekend” and “Allow sale during non-working hours” setting for the store administrators have been added. These settings enable the store administrator to allow vendors to chose whether to sell during non-working hours and on weekends.
[+] The “Allow sale on weekend:” и “Allow sale during non-working hours:” settings available for vendors have been added. These settings allow vendors to make products available and unavailable for sale during non-working hours and on weekends.

Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce

[!] There was an incompatibility with PHP 5.3. Fixed.
[!] The cross-domain tracking did not work when the method of submitting requests switched to GTAG. Fixed.

XML & CSV Import

[~] The mapping of the list of fields has been improved. The appearance of the list of fields has been changed. A search field has been added.

Category Gallery

[+] The “Subcategories” template for the block content that displays subcategories nested one level lower from the current one has been added.

Enhanced Social Login

[!] Unnecessary tags that interfered SEO performance have been removed.

A/B Testing

[+] The ability to clear results has been added.

Product Bundles

[+] SEO names for product bundles have been added.

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