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Add-Ons Changelog for the First Half Of July 2019

Roman Ananev

Hi, This is Alexey from Simtech Development. Let’s see what news we have about our add-ons in the first half of July 2019.

List of Improved Add-ons

If you want to see what has been added or fixed in add-ons for all the time, you can follow the links below and have a look at the changelog section.

[+]… – a new feature has been added.
e.g [+] The ability to limit access to the customers based on their location for the store administrators has been added.

[!]… – Fixed. 
e.g. [!] A PHP notice appeared when deleting the order in the Cancelled status. Fixed.

[~]…a functionality of the addon has been changed. 
e.g. [~] The DIV tags have been moved inside the BODY from HEAD.

[-].. – functionality has been deleted.
e.g. [-] The container tab has been removed from import setting for the files with YML format.


Sales & Social Proof

[!] The Show pop-up setting did not work with real data. Fixed.

[!] Fake data changed when switching languages. Fixed.

Product Bundles

[!] The change in the number of bundles in the existing order was not saved. Fixed.

[!] The quantity of the product in the bundle could not be changed for products with configured  Minimum order quantity parameter. Fixed.

[!] The bundle kept displaying in the order after removal. Fixed.

XML & CSV Import

[~] The ability to add import file types and import fields with the help of separate add-ons was added.

Airy Mobile Theme

[!] The Checkout button in the pop-up did not work when adding a product to cart. Fixed.

Address Autocomplete by Google

[~] The add-on was adapted to Light Checkout.

[~] The filling of the Address field has been changed. If the address was entered with accuracy to the street, a city/country/region will not be specified in the Address field.

Google Remarketing Tag

[+] The setting for sending an additional parameter dynx_itemid2 for the custom variant of data was added.

YouTube Video Gallery

[!] The video was not played in product lists on CS-Cart 4.10. Fixed.

Vendor Ratings

[!] There was a duplicate Write a review button on the Vendor profile page which caused a standard review pop-up. Fixed.

Pop-Up Notifications Pro

[~] The tooltip for the “Show time” setting was added.

[!] There was no ability to choose a user group on the Conditions tab in pop-up properties. Fixed.

Stripe Payment

[!] The Light Checkout did not work when the add-on was enabled. Fixed.

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