Add-ons Changelog for the first half of October 2018

Roman Ananev

What do you know about SEO?

SEO is a short and simple abbreviation, only 3 letters, but why is it so mysterious for most of the people? You can ask someone questions like: β€œDid you hear anything about Search Engine Optimization?” or β€œDid you hear the SEO abbreviation at least at once?” – We are totally sure that you will be asked to repeat the first question and you will be faced with a positive answer for the second one in 90% of cases.
Why is that so? Unfortunately, according to statistics most of the users are sure that SEO is very important and useful part of the online-business but know nothing how it really works and can be set up. And fortunately, you do not have to know all about SEO and how it works if you use our SEO Templates add-on. Our aim is to provide our users with useful and profit solutions which will help them grow up their business. And your part is to install and set up the add-on and that’s it.
Around a year ago, we created the SEO Templates add-on which generates meta-data for an online store. It offers SEO templates for products, categories, images, pages, etc. Every month, we create additional functionality to give you an ability to make your store more and more compatible with search systems. We prepared step-by-step instructions on how to install and set up the add-on that is why it is not necessary to have a special SEO-manager for your online store – this is a really good idea to use the add-on in case you want to save your money.

List of Improved Add-ons

If you want to see what has been added or fixed in add-ons recently, you can follow the links below and have a look at the changelog section.
  1. Affiliate and Referral
  2. Facebook Pixel
  3. Google AMP for SEO
  4. Youtube Video Gallery
  5. SEO Templates
  6. Amazon Style Menu
  7. Google Remarketing Tag
  8. Geolocation by Google
  9. Shipping Estimate
  10. Advanced Social Buttons
  11. TaxCalcs
  12. Similar Products


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