Add-Ons Changelog for the First Part of March 2021

Simtech Development Team
Latest Updates and Fixes in Add-Ons

Hello! You’re with the Add-Ons Development Department. Look what awesome updates and useful improvements in CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor extensions we’ve got for you here as of mid-March 2021!

Upgraded to Comply with CS-Cart v.4.12

Hamburger menu

We adapted the Hamburger menu to a latest version of CS-Cart to improve the display of the pop-up menu, when the storefront is switched to an RTL language. Now, when the add-on is compatible with the version 4.12.1., the menu displays right.


After CS-Cart 4.12.2SP1 was released, we introduced some minor changes into the theme for a better compatibility with the updated platform version:

  • We updated the caching rules. Before, when creating a new profile or checking the cart, an incorrect name was displayed to the user. We made a study and found out that the existing caching rules cause such a behavior. Now, only the updated data is fetched for a newly created profile.
  • Previously, the ADD TO CART button was not centered on the mobile version affecting the interface and its appearance. We made some amendments. Now, the button and horizontal scroller are centered on the mobile screen. 

Better UX/UI with Generation-Z Theme

Generation Z for CS-Cart Shop

  • Previously, if a store has several storefronts, a new storefront theme (not Generation Z) was affected by the block settings of the Generation Z theme. We introduced the required changes and the Generation Z blocks are now available only on storefronts where the Generation Z theme is installed.
  • The theme is now adapted to Vendor Locations add-on, a new add-on released as a beta-version, for better display of visual elements.
  • Some glitches like display of blank reviews if they were hidden by the administrator were rectified. Now, if there is no review, NO POSTS FOUND appears together with the WRITE A REVIEW button. The user clicks the button and proceeds with the registration to write a review. 

Generation Z for Marketplaces

The theme was improved for a better page loading. We introduced some changes, and now the page loads smoothly without reloading, and the theme works in the right way. 

Greater SEO and Marketing Capabilities

Affiliate and Referral

  • We introduced processing of the “Affiliate usergroup” creation. Before, there were only two groups: “Users” and “Administrators”. Now, a “Partners” group is available. The new group allows the administrators to distinguish between the “conventional” buyers and the “partners”.
  • The updated add-on gives more opportunities for a partnership program in terms of discounts and referral links. 

Sales and Social Proof

  • There was an incorrect translation of the Show Real-Time Stats setting in the Russian language. We made the required changes in the language variable. The translation is now correct.
  • The cron job is now completed in accordance with the improved rules. We added a COPY button and a command to start the cron. 
  • We redressed the wrong positioning of the “Social Proof: Custom string” user message on the storefront. Before, the message was shifted as related to the text entered by the user. Now, the message appears right below the text in accordance with the template.

SEO Templates

When sharing products among storefronts, the “Alt” and “Title” categories and attributes for product images were not transferred correctly. We had to make some changes in the add-on functionality to fix it. We added the “Alt” and “Title” attributes for images when generating a new template. Additionally, we introduced replacement of categories for a correct transfer from one storefront to another.

Full Width Banner

  • The transition to RTL languages (for example, Arabic or Hebrew) entails specific interface changes, therefore, the add-on required its separate adaptation for such languages. Now, Full Width Banner is fully compatible with RTL.
  • Before, the add-on did not work correctly on the Generation Z theme. A blank window was displayed instead of the banner. We fixed this misbehavior, and now the module is displayed correctly.

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