Add-Ons Changelog for the First Part of November 2020

Gayane Tamrazyan
Latest Updates and Fixes in Add-Ons

Hello! You’re with the Add-Ons Development Department. Look what awesome updates and useful improvements in CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor extensions we’ve got for you here for the past two weeks of November 2020!

List of Improved Add-ons 

If you want to see what has been added or fixed in add-ons for all the time, you can follow the links below and have a look at the changelog section.

Shipping Estimate


[fixed] The block of choosing the location disappeared on the product details page when changing product options.

[changed] The Select location button has been added on the product details page. It displays if the customer’s location was not determined.

[changed] The add-on has been adapted to Unitheme2.

Affiliate and Referral


[fixed] The commission for the purchase of a product from a category that is not the main one was not charged if the product had more than one category.

[changed] A language variable addons.sd_affiliate.invitation_to_become_super_affiliate has been changed.

Animation Effects


[changed] Scroller has been adapted to Unitheme2.

[changed] Grid list template has been adapted to Unitheme2.

[changed] Footer has been adapted to Unitheme2.

Generation Z for Marketplaces and CS-Cart stores

Version v4.11.5.3

[changed] Alignment of elements for pagination has been changed.

[changed] The appearance of the Skip payment checkbox has been changed.

[added] A new GNZ: Grid width auto columns template for the Products block has been added.

[added] A new GNZ: Grid width auto columns template has been applied for Products list (category, search, etc).

[fixed] The input field was outside the container in Mozilla.

[changed] The font size of the notification for products with zero price has been reduced in the product lists. [changed] The appearance of a tertiary button has been changed.

[fixed] The image gallery was stretched until all images were loaded on the product details page on mobile devices.

[fixed] Thumbnails in the image galleries were stretched until all images were loaded on the product details page on mobile devices.

[fixed] The thumbnail gallery on the product details page had no switches.

[fixed] Thumbnails and the main image were stuck together on the product details page on mobile devices.

[fixed] Buttons were displayed incorrectly in Authorization modal window, on Comparison List, Wishlist, and Purchase Gift Certificate pages.

[fixed] Selectboxes in the Search options blocks displayed on iOS incorrectly.

[changed] The text size for the Contact us for a price block has been reduced.

[fixed] Add-on Common Products for Vendors: The store name was outside the parent block in the Vendor Products template of the Products block.

[fixed] Product features: Check icon was displayed incorrectly for features with Checkbox style.

[changed] Product features: The display of the button for opening a feature description has been changed.

[fixed] The Register button was duplicated in the authorization modal window.

[changed] Add-on Gift Certificates: The appearance of the certificate in the Cart content block has been adapted.

[changed] Display of text buttons has been changed.

[changed] The display of filters with the Color type has been changed.

[fixed] There was an indent between the currency and the monetary value on the cart page.

[changed] Animation for dropdowns has been accelerated.

[changed] Display of the Links thumb product list has been changed.

[changed] Display of options with Select box and Radio group types has been changed.

[changed] Display of variations with Drop-down list and Text labels styles has been changed.

Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce


[fixed] Alert about an empty Google Analytics account number field appeared despite the fields were filled for all storefronts.

IP Geolocation by MaxMind

Version v4.9.0.4

[fixed] The content was duplicated in the customer location field on mobile devices.

MailChimp Ecommerce

Version v4.9.0.2

[changed] Sending data to Mailchimp has been optimized.

Product Labels

Version v4.10.0.3

[added] The add-on has been adapted to the new template of the Generation Z Theme.

[added] Display of labels has been adapted to the Grid template of Generation Z Theme.

[added] The add-on has been adapted to the Rome Theme Front Pack.

SEO Templates

Version v4.10.0.12

[fixed] Error occurred when generating templates for CS-Cart versions 4.10.1-4.11.1.

[fixed] The template was applied to all entities if a condition was not selected in the blog template.

[changed] The “blog” variable has been added to the blog template.

Show Me More

Version v4.10.0.6

[fixed] Page number did not change when switching to the page back through pagination if the transition to the current page was made using the Show more button.

Urban Shift Front Pack


[fixed] Image switches displayed incorrectly.

[changed] An enhanced product list has been changed.

Vanilla Theme

Version v4.11.0.8

[fixed] The table stretched out of the window in the quick view of the certificate.
[fixed] Certificates were displayed incorrectly in the cart.
[fixed] Certificates were counted incorrectly in the wishlist.
[fixed] The buttons on the certificate registration page were displayed incorrectly.
[fixed] The quick view button for the certificate was displayed incorrectly.
[fixed] The icons in the order list were displayed incorrectly.
[fixed] The field for the last name on the vendor registration page was displayed incorrectly on mobile devices.

Vendor Business Hours

Version v4.9.0.3

[fixed] “The store opens at”and “The store closes at” fields were obligatory at CS-Cart 4.11.5.

Google AMP for SEO

Version v4.11.0.10

[fixed] An error occurred when validating pages if a product description contained a tag ‘video’.

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