Add-Ons Changelog for the Second Part of April 2021

Simtech Development Team
Latest Updates and Fixes in Add-Ons

Hello! You’re with the Add-Ons Development Department. Look what awesome updates and useful improvements in CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor extensions we’ve got for you here by the end of April 2021!

Updated for a better view

Generation Z-MV and Generation Z-CS

We replaced a grid view with a short list on the product page. Both views are used for images and a short text related to it. But the short list allows displaying more items per page.

Add-Ons Changelog for the Second Part of April 2021
Grid View
Add-Ons Changelog for the Second Part of April 2021
Short List

Updated to comply

Generation Z-MV

The add-on is adapted to the Age Verification add-on. Changes have been made to the blocks / tor_subcategories_tree.tpl block to hide categories that the user does not match by age.

Enhanced Social Login

A hook has been added to the add-on registration template and styling has been tweaked. Now our module does not interfere with the work of the default GDPR add-on. Previously there was a conflict of modules: Enhanced Social Login and GDPR. When enabling them two and disabling the quick registration setting, the GDPR was not displayed on the registration page. Now, both add-ons work together smoothly.

MailChimp Advanced

We introduced changes responsible for the availability of the add-on settings to the administrator. The add-on is now fully compatible with CS-Cart, CS-Cart Ultimate, Multi-Vendor and Multi-Vendor Ultimate (v.12). All the required settings are adapted to the latest software versions and are available on all the storefronts.

Extended functionality for a greater performance

SEO Auditor

Previously, when launching a CRON report on a store with several storefronts, the ID of the first company was always pulled up regardless of the ID specified at start. Now, the list of reports is extended with one more report that shows under its date the name of the company that was specified in the CRON command. The report itself contains only the products of the required storefronts.

Previously, links to YouTube videos didn’t come to the “Show with video” filter due to some reasons related to CSV files. We introduced changes to make all products imported with YouTube links appear in the filter. 


Before, a PHP notification appeared for products with variations when the “Use the Brand feature as a product brand” setting was enabled in the general settings on the products tab. Now, after disabling this property, this notice does not come up and the add-on deals with product variations accurately.

MailChimp Ecommerce

We expanded the add-on functionality with an ability to send emails to visitors who abandoned their carts. The feature works for users who entered at least an email at registration. This measure will help to return buyers to their wished items with a gentle reminder about an uncompleted order.

MailChimp Advanced

The add-on automatically updates data on the store and synchronizes it with the data in MailChimp. Previously, we used override to implement the functionality to the Manage Profile page. Later on, a better solution was found: we applied hooks. A hook allows you to update user data in MailChimp without overriding it. The functionality of the add-on did not change. Without overriding, we achieved a better compatibility of MailChimp Advanced with other add-ons.

Improved logic

Follow Vendor

By default, when a vendor creates a product, this product should be confirmed by the administrator. Before confirmation, the status of the item is not confirmed and a new product is not available for customers. Once the item status is turned to active by the administrator, a new product notification is generated for followers. But since the event trigger was the command “product created”, not “confirmed by administrator” – this event caused a confusion with unconfirmed items. We expanded the add-on settings. Now, unconfirmed products created by vendors generate events with status N. This measure removes the ambiguity with the newly created products and their statuses. The administrator has the time to confirm vendors’ items with N statuses so that only activated products appear in the news feed for customers.


If you want to see what has been added or fixed in add-ons for all the time, you can follow the links below and have a look at the changelog section.

Generation Z-MV


  • [added] Default value for default_products_view_template is added
  • [changed] The add-on is adapted to Age Verification add-on

Generation Z-CS


  • [added] Default value for default_products_view_template is added

Sticky menu


  • [changed] The name of the module, language variables and all references to sticky menu – to sticky header, except for the module id are changed

SEO Auditor


  • [changed] The cron block has been changed for displaying according to the standard
  • [fixed] The problem of the report generation for different storefronts on the CS-Cart Ultimate is fixed

Advanced Social Buttons


  • [fixed] LESS error occurred when SD:EagleOwl add-on is active is fixed
  • [fixed] The problem of unchanging audit status after incorrect cron check is fixed

Follow Vendor


  • [added] Unconfirmed products created by vendors, generate news with status N. Now news will be displayed correctly, only if the product has the active status
  • [added] Each vendor can observe the amount of subscribers
  • [added] The color of the button can be changed in the add-on settings
  • [added] Icon display for the button is added


  • [fixed] Products can be filtered by “Show with Video” filter after the Youtube video links are imported

Enhanced Social Login


  • [fixed] GDPR is displayed on the registration page

Google AMP for SEO


  • [added] The storefront_id field exist check is added

TaxCalcs by TaxJar


  • [changed] Instruction for API key extraction is fixed in accordance with updated taxjar web-site interface [fixed] The state acquiring in default add-on settings for v. 4.12.1 and above is fixed



  • [fixed] PHP notification is removed from the product pages on the storefront

Product Labels


  • [fixed] The label filters are not deleted with the deletion of the label

MailChimp Ecommerce


  • [added] If the unregistered user has mentioned the e-mail during the checkout, the abandoned cart data will be sent via the mentioned email

MailChimp Advanced


  • [changed] The setting editions are changed
  • [changed] The profiles.manage page override has been removed. The MailChimp user data update is carried out by hooks

Affiliate and Referral


  • [changed] Hooks for add-on extension were added
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