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Add-Ons Changelog for the Second Part of June 2021

Hello! You’re with the Add-Ons Development Department. Look what awesome updates and useful improvements in CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor extensions we’ve got for you here for the second part of June 2021!

Improved logic

Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce

A new parameter has been added for one of the functions in the code. In order to consider the new change, we updated the add-on so that requesting this parameter does not cause any error when changing the status of orders.

There were some issues with cart block updating. We introduced the required changes. Now, products can be added to and removed from the cart when required. Orders are successfully created for guests who first added a product to their carts and then logged in. 

We noticed that the $ product_ids variable was lost when certain conditions were not met and fixed this misbehaviour.

Before, if a short link referred to an order that was deleted or had an empty mail, the user could see a list of orders with empty emails. After applying changes, everything works fine. The list with no email is not displayed. After deleting the order and following the short link, a redirect leads to the main page with an error message: Order not found.

Affiliate and Referral

When creating a banner or a new product group there was a mistake due to the condition associated with the get_runtime_company_id function. We updated the code to improve the add-on performance.

TaxCalcs by TaxJar

We noticed that in TaxJar, Tax collected in transactions is different from what is displayed in the Sales tax report. We investigated the issue and came to a solution. The issue was caused by the to_city value. Now, the value is duly transferred to the service, and transactions display the correct information.

Updated to comply

IP Geolocation by MaxMind

We resolved a conflict between the MaxMind add-on and the MaxMind CS-Cart libraries. Now, the add-on works fine.

Shipping Estimate

One of our clients noticed that with his UniTheme2 installed, the shipping estimate doesn’t work right. The delivery block does not display on the product page. We adapted the add-on and the theme to make it appear. Now, the Shipping Estimate is fully compatible with UniTheme 2.

Better representation

Affiliate and Referral

The Affiliates page has 8 main sections, each with its own heading. But, the widget section didn’t have any. After updating the add-on, the Widget section got its own heading. Now, it is easier for affiliates to find their widgets.

Widget Heading absent
Widget heading is present

XML & CSV Import

Modifiers are the special functions that help you change the data. Due to the way modifiers work, an error occurred when setting the field mapping, if the same source was used for different product fields. After applying changes, modifiers work correctly with prices.

After applying changes, modifiers work correctly with prices.

Google AMP for SEO

We improved the carousel layout. Now, when placing more than 6 images, the scroll does not impact the layout and everything is displayed right.


Besides, we improved the representation of the carousel for RTL pages. Now, images you pick up will be shown as they should without any confusion.

Urban Shift

The detailed product page is fully restyled to:

  • Display the product code and in-stock availability above the dividing line 
  • Display the brand name under the product code and availability status
  • Make the price and rating on the same line

Now, blocks for Quick View and Big picture are on the same line:


We improved the markup for mobile devices:


Vanilla Theme

Before, there were some caching problems when adding an item to the cart. We investigated the case and found a solution for a proper caching. Now, an item added to the cart is shown on the side panel.


If you want to see what has been added or fixed in add-ons for all the time, you can follow the links below and have a look at the changelog section.

Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce

v. 4.10.12

  • [fixed] Order status transferring via API error is fixed
  • [fixed] The error connected with the absence of the products of the vendor with allowed by the rate plane analytics tracking on the storefront is fixed
  • [fixed] The error occurred on the add-on removal is fixed
  • [fixed] The ajax-loader error occurred on the homepage loading by the user is fixed
  • [fixed] Homepage cart block update error is fixed

Affiliate and Referral

v. 4.9.19

  • [fixed] Irrelevant language variable in the add-on settings is fixed
  • [added] Paragraph heading is added of the Widget page
  • [changed] The get_runtime_company_id function is changed

XML & CSV Import

v. 4.10.8

  • [fixed] Error occurred when the different modifiers are used for the same field of the imported file is fixed

Google AMP for SEO

v. 4.11.5

  • [fixed] Layout malfunction of the page with 6 and more images is fixed
  • [fixed] Switching of the selected image to the first one when RTL is active mode is fixed

Vanilla Theme

v. 4.13.2

  • [fixed] Caching error occurred on the adding product to the cart is fixed

Pay by link

v. 4.9.6

  • [fixed] Orders with no email display when linking is fixed

Shipping Estimate

v. 4.9.8

  • [fixed] Absence of the delivery block on the Unitheme 2 product page if fixed

IP Geolocation by MaxMind

v. 4.9.12

  • [fixed] MaxMind add-on and MaxMind cs-cart libraries conflict is fixed

Urban Shift

v. 4.13.1

  • [changed] The theme is adapted to CS-Cart v.4.13.1
  • [changed] Detailed product page is fully restyled

TaxCalcs by TaxJar

v. 4.9.6

  • [added] City name support is added to the delivery address bar of the TaxJar service

Real Time Messenger


  • [fixed] Seller Administrator display on the Vendor Administrator tab is fixed
  • [fixed] Email notification for the customers with no placed orders is fixed

Marketing Web Push Notifications


  • [fixed] The broken layout of the 404 page is fixed
  • [added] Cron for service notifications is added

Show Me More


  • [fixed] Product upload from block child pages is fixed
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