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Add-Ons Changelog for the Second Part of May 2021

Hello! You’re with the Add-Ons Development Department. Look what awesome updates and useful improvements in CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor extensions we’ve got for you here for the second part of May 2021!

Updated for a better view

Generation Z for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor

There was a conflict with HiDPI, which reduced the quality of small images. Now, all images are adapted to Retina displays with active ‘HiDPI displays support’.

Besides, we updated the themes for RTL. Now, all the theme elements are displayed correctly.

Affiliate and Referral

Previously, the cart layout was distorted on mobile devices for RTL. We made the required corrections to display it right.

TaxCalcs by TaxJar

Previously, the maximum length of a tax name was 32 characters. Longer names were truncated. We made the string longer to avoid truncation and show the name in full.

We added sorting product names in the alphabetical order. Now, the add-on shows data you can easily study and track.

Adapted to comply

Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce

We adapted the add-on for Google Analytics 4. Now, the add-on successfully tracks the eCommerce purchases. 

For more correct operation of the Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce, we removed compatibility of the add-on with the Product Option Combinations and the RetailCRM system. The Product Option Combinations is an outdated add-on that causes incompatibilities. RetailCRM supports native integration with Google Analytics. 

Improved logic

Pay by Link

In Ultimate CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor versions, when ordering from an additional storefront, the main domain was indicated instead of a link to a particular storefront. We introduced the required changes to show the right domain name for customers when they purchase from an additional storefront.

Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce

In the earlier version, there was a global setting “Allow sellers to track page visits” available at the store level to enable tracking analytics for vendors. We revised the logic and came to a more rational solution. Now, this setting is tied to vendor plans to help monetize it for the store administrator.

Order Statistics

Previously, the add-on did not include the cancelled orders when showing Total Orders. As a result the quantity differed from the total number of customer orders. Now, the quantity is displayed correctly.


If you want to see what has been added or fixed in add-ons for all the time, you can follow the links below and have a look at the changelog section.

Generation Z CS


  • [changed] The theme is adapted to RTL languages
  • [fixed] All images are adapted to Retina displays with active ‘HiDPI displays support’ add-on

Generation Z MV


  • [fixed] All images are adapted to Retina displays with active ‘HiDPI displays support’ add-on
  • [changed] The theme is adapted to RTL languages

TaxCalcs by TaxJar


  • [changed] The length of the tax code name string is changed for full display of the name without cutting the line
  • [added] Display of the sorted product tax code list is added

Follow Vendor


  • [fixed] “Add to cart” button is fixed for unauthorized customers

Pay by Link


Affiliate and Referral


  • [fixed] The cart layout for RTL languages is fixed

Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce


  • [added] Google Analytics major events send is added for the vendors
  • [added] The add-on is partially adapted to GA4. Refunds can’t be sent
  • [changed] The incompatibility with the standard retailCRM [Beta] add-on is added
  • [fixed] The events couldn’t be sent to Google Analytics when the cart is cleared out. Fixed
  • [added] ‘Allow vendors to track the page visits’ setting is bound to the vendors’ rate plan
  • [fixed] “Order statuses” setting is now available for administrator when several storefronts are active
  • [removed] Compatibility with the outdated Product Option Combinations add-on is removed

IP Geolocation by MaxMind


  • [fixed] LESS error occurred with CS-Cart versions below 4.11.3 is fixed
  • [added] Compatibility with the UptimeRobot service is added

MailChimp Ecommerce


  • [fixed] Cron start command field ID is changed for successful add-on update

Order Statistics


  • [fixed] Incorrect display of the orders in the Total orders field of the add-on block is fixed

Urban Shift


  • [added] The lower sticky panel on the detailed product page is added

Full-Page Cache by Varnish 5+


  • [fixed] All session blocks are displayed with an active “ESI enables” settings

SEO Templates


  • [fixed] Category selection in SEO templates is fixed

XML & CSV import


  • [changed] The add-on is compatible to the latest versions of CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor
  • [added] More flexible settings of the primary fields
  • [added] Vendors are able to import their products by themselves
  • [added] Modification of the imported data (the add-on is adapted to the standard Advanced Products Import add-on)
  • [added] Import of the common products for Vendors (Common Products For Vendors add-on support)
  • [added] Currency conversion during the import