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Add-ons Changelog for the second part of November 2018

Let’s see a list of the significant changes made to Simtech Development add-ons in the second half of November.

List of Improved Add-ons

If you want to see what has been added or fixed in add-ons for all the time, you can follow the links below and have a look at the changelog section.
Special symbols: 

  • [+] — a new functionality has been added.
    e.g [+] The ability to choose Product name or Product code as an identifier has been added to the Options tab of the import page.
  • [~] — a functionality has been changed.
    e.g. [~] The logic of showing the pop-up about the recently purchased product has been improved.
  • [!] — a bug has been fixed.
    e.g. [!] The prices displayed with a zero value on the product AMP category page if they depended on product options. Fixed.
  • [-] — a functionality has been deleted.
    e.g. [-] The condition of non-completion has been removed from condition constructor.

  1. Sales & Social Proof
    [+] The Show minutes setting has been added on the Pop-up tab of the add-on settings.
    [~] The cron now updates the number of purchased products for the real and fake data. The setting up and using the cron is now obligatorily for the add-on.
    [~] The code has been improved, resulting in significant improvement of the add-on performance.
    [~] The display and location of messages on the product details page has been improved.
    [!] The nouns were declined incorrectly with numerals in the pop-up for the Russian localization. Fixed.
  2. Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce
    [+] The refund event has been added which is sent when returned products.
    [+] The fields for specifying order statuses set for returned and paid products have been added. Removal of products from paid orders will be considered as a refund.
    [~] The tracking of the 3 and 4 checkout steps has been moved from the checkout complete page to the appropriate steps of the checkout page.
    [~] The way of sending purchase data to Analytics has been changed. Now, this information is not sent by the customer using JavaScript, but by the server using the measurement protocol.
    [~] The creating and modifying orders made via the admin panel is now sent to the Analytics.
    [!] The data about purchases made via payment services (for example, PayPal) was not sent to Analytics. Fixed.
  3. SEO Templates

    [+] The options have been added to the product templates.
    [~] The add-on has been improved. The speed of the script has been increased several times.
    [!] The product was not updated or added to the templates if it was created via a script. Fixed.
  4. Airy Mobile Theme

    [!] The price was not updated when switching options on the product details page if the product options were configured with a price modifier. Fixed.
    [!] The mini gallery switches were displayed incorrectly on the product details page if the gallery was disabled in the global settings and the default template was used. Fixed.
    [!] The option image was not loaded on the product details page if selecting the option combination which had its own image. Fixed.
    [!] The blocks were displayed out of the screen border on mobile devices. Fixed.
    [!] There was no left margin for additional product images on mobile devices. Fixed.
    [!] There was no right margin at the Add to cart button on mobile devices. Fixed.
    [!] The left margin was bigger than the right one for pop-ups on mobile devices. Fixed.
    [!] The postcode word did not fit in the field at the checkout page on mobile devices. Fixed.
  5. Gift Registry

    [+] The button to generate a new access key by the event author has been added in the editing event page.
    [~] The code has been adapted to the Smarty 3 standard.
    [!] The access key was changed every time the event was saved. Fixed.
  6. Product Labels
    [+] The automatic deletion of the New and Hit labels have been added.
    [~] The recommended frequency of running the cron script has been added to the add-on settings.
    [~] The notification has been added if no Hit product was found.
    [~] The notification has been added if no New product was found.
  7. MailChimp Advanced
    [+] The ability to unsubscribe from a mailing list has been added.
  8. Stripe Payment
    [+] The ability to set up the add-on for multiple storefronts has been added.
    [~] The payment process has been updated for CS⁠-⁠Cart versions 4.3.x.
  9. Two-Factor Authentication by Duo
    [~] The window for the second step of authentication has been adapted to the height of the screen.
    [~] The templates have been adapted to the Smarty 3 standard.
    [~] The style files and classes have been refactored.
  10. Order Statistics
    [~] The add-on has been adapted to the Responsive Admin Panel.
  11. Apple and Google Pay Payment

    [~] The notification about error occurred while getting the token has been added to the Payment method page.
  12. XML & CSV import

    [!] The HTTP class was not found in the code. Fixed.
  13. One Page Checkout

    [!] The checkout fields were available even if the ‘Disable anonymous checkout’ setting was enabled in the Settings > Checkout page. Fixed.
  14. Product Bundles

    [!] The Service unavailable error message appeared when viewing the product details page in the stores of versions 4.3.1-4.3.5. Fixed.
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