Changelog and New Add-ons of April 2018

Roman Ananev


New add-ons and premium CS-Cart theme

Mega SEO Package
Get a bundle of three add-ons (Google AMP for SEO, JSON-LD for SEO, and SEO Templates) to boost SEO for your business with a 28% discount.
SEO Package for CS-Cart
QuickBooks Online Integration
Sync your products, orders, and customers to your QuickBooks Online account and enjoy your seamless accounting with just a couple of clicks.
quickbooks online integration for cs-cart
Airy Mobile Theme
Ideal theme to showcase large inventories. Developed with a mobile-first approach in mind, Airy Mobile ensures your site loads faster and converts more on mobile devices.
Airy Mobile Theme for CS-Cart

Cool new features

Sales & Social Proof
More flexibility in setting up the add-on. Now the fake data is enabled specially for the number of items left in stock and the number of people watching this product.
Besides, the Purchased X times in the last 24 hours message can be disabled if a product is out of stock. It’s more logical not to show it of a product hasn’t been in stock for a long time.
Google AMP for SEO
The Full description field was added to the AMP add-on on the product editing page (the Add-ons tab).
Also the Google AMP: Full description field was added to Exim and selected products editing.
When setting up the add-on you can enter the tracking ID into the Google Analytics account number field for more effective operation.
Also some prohibited tags have been removed or replaced with equivalent custom tags from the product full description field.
Facebook Pixel
The Track initiate checkout setting was added to the add-on settings (for the Initiate checkout setting). It can be set to:

  • All stages;
  • Only after authorizing or filling out the address.

Initiation of the order works as before, when entering the checkout page.
Advanced Permissions
You can limit the access to customers for the store administrators basing on customers’ location.
SEO Templates
When creating a new product before, it was necessary to make a full regeneration to see Page title, Meta keywords, Meta description. Now the process is optimized. The regeneration is launched automatically only for the newly created products.
You have more options to create SEO templates as new variables have been added for product and category templates.
– {{ parent_category }} variable was added to the categories templates.
– {{ category }} and {{ parent_category }} variables were added to the categories templates.
User case: for example, the category tree is Ford – Engine
To set up the Page Title – Buy Engine parts for Ford cars, you can use the following template: Buy {{ category }} parts for {{ parent_category }} cars
Thanks to the new Show product availability setting, the “out of stock” and “in stock” labels are shown in Rich Snippets.
As Google requires the final price, we added the ability to display prices with taxes on category/product pages. It works if tax calculation is based on a unit’s price.
The add-on can be used for CS-Cart Ultimate. So you can specify different settings for each of the storefronts.
Pay by Link
We have improved the add-on with user-friendly links to view the order and to pay it. No more long links like
Now the links are generated by the following template:
domain/v/xxxxxxx – the link to view the order
domain/p/xxxxxxx – the link to pay the order
Cart Sharing
The Link title for social networks setting allows you to edit the link text and translate it into other languages.
Besides, the add-on can be used for CS-Cart Ultimate now, so each storefront can have different settings.

List of improved add-ons

  1. JSON-LD for SEO
  2. Google AMP for SEO
  3. SEO Templates
  4. Affiliate and Referral
  5. Google Remarketing Tag
  6. Facebook Pixel
  7. Amazon Style Menu
  8. Geolocation by Google
  9. Google Analitycs Enhanced eCommerce
  10. Master Products
  11. XML & CSV Import
  12. Sales & Social Proof
  13. One-Page Checkout
  14. Shipping Estimate
  15. Points and Cash
  16. Pay with Amazon
  17. Rome Theme Front Pack
  18. Pay by Link
  19. Cart Sharing
  20. Bambora (formerly Beanstream) Payment Gateway
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