Changelog and New Add-ons of May 2018

Roman Ananev

GDPR Compliance (EU)
We have adapted the Affiliate and Referral, Follow Vendor and MailChimp Advanced add-ons to the GDPR so far. If you use these add-ons in your store and your business must be GDPR-compliant, we strongly recommend installing our GDPR Compliance add-on. The list of adapted Simtech Development add-ons will be updated.
Complete Visual Pack
Take full advantage of your visual content with our new package. Use all 8 add-ons included in our Complete Visual Pack to stimulate online growth and engagement. Extra benefit is that the add-ons cost less if purchased in a bundle.

Cool New Features

Product Labels
Great new features to promote your produсts with eye-catching labels. The first one is graphic labels on the product detail and category pages.
The 2-nd feature is the ability to manage label position in a product image. 4 positions are available: bottom-left, bottom-right, top-left, top-right. So you can easily change the place, where the label is displayed.
Google AMP for SEO
We added the Less file, which uses the colors of custom themes on the AMP page. Another cool new feature is the ability to upload a separate logo for AMP pages. Also the prohibited color, face and size tags have been removed or replaced with equivalent custom tags from the product full description field.
Sales & Social Proof
Now you can choose whether to show the messages on the category product page or not. The Show on category page check box was added to the add-on settings. When setting up the add-on you can now show the number of products purchased per period. The available periods are: within the last 24 hours, week, month or for all time. Furthermore, we added the ability to show the number of product views per period. The available periods are: per day, week or month.
Vanilla Theme
Now the product catalog is displayed in two columns and your customers can add products to cart from the home page. Also we improved the payment icons and blocks display.
Urban Shift Front Pack
Your customers can add products to cart from the home page. No more need to make extra clicks to buy the desired products.
Styles of the Product Label add-on has been improved and discount label has been changed for the mobile version.
XML & CSV Import
A lot of work has been done to give you more opportunities for importing files. Now you can choose Product name or Product code as an identifier.
Also, thanks to the new ability to choose a default category, now you can import new products without a category. All products for which the category can not be identified will be imported to the default category.
Another extra functionality has been added:

  • The ability to import product variations using the Product type and Variation options fields.
  • The ability to import product options using the Options field.
  • The ability to import option images using the Combination image field.

We have improved the add-on with the ability to upload the logo of company or website which will be displayed in the search results.
Also, the type of the product brand field has been changed to the text one.

List of Improved Add-ons

  1. Google AMP for SEO
  2. Sales & Social Proof
  3. Product Labels
  4. Vanilla Theme
  5. Urban Shift Theme Front Pack
  6. Follow Vendor
  7. Google Tag Manager
  8. XML & CSV Import
  9. JSON-LD for SEO
  10. SEO Templates
  11. Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce
  12. MailChimp Advanced
  13. Affiliate and Referral
  14. YouTube Video Gallery
  15. Airy Mobile Theme
  16. One-Page Checkout
  17. Stripe Payment Gateway
  18. Authorize.Net CIM Payment Gateway
  19. Advanced Social Button
  20. Birthday Present
  21. Master Products
  22. Cloud Translation by Google
  23. Form Logs
  24. Gift Registry
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