Meet New Affiliate Light!

Roman Ananev

Online shopping is getting closer to both business owners and consumers. This is today’s reality. Online stores spring up offering more products, and the competition keeps on rising. The market is transforming to win sales and chasing the ever-changing “tomorrow”. 

Accessing the e-market is now easier:

  • You don’t need a big budget to start selling online;
  • Being a savvy business owner is not mandatory to have an online store;
  • Demand for eCommerce websites is still high;
  • Consumers are more likely to trust small online stores rather than  marketplace giants

But still, some laws remain unchanged:

  • Demand calls for supply;
  • Successful is not the one who has a strategy, but the one who knows how to strictly follow it;
  • The strongest survives.

High product demand in the market is not the key to the success of a particular store. There are more buyers now, the demand for goods has increased. However, shoppers became more discerning. The sell-and-buy technique doesn’t work anymore. More flexible tools are needed to attract and engage customers. An excellent product is not enough. There should be a game, action, a passion for the purchase process itself.

In this light, let us introduce our new add-on – Affiliate Light! Designed to effectively track orders, it is the perfect tool to convert even a random visitor into a return customer in your store!


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